Red Pill VR, Inc.
Careers at Red Pill VR, Inc.
About Us

Redpill VR is a technology company focused on creating the future of music through our groundbreaking interactive social experiences and content platform that connects us all through the power of music, creativity and art in stunning, high-end virtual reality.

At its core, Redpill is a virtual reality platform that enables unparalleled social interactivity, unlimited creativity, effortless distribution and robust monetization of consumer and developer-generated content through immersive virtual reality music experiences, events and venues.

Virtualization Technology

Redpill VR is a platform for the creation and distribution of immersive digital worlds that will grant access to millions of users to live music events happening around the world from the comfort of their own home. We virtualize social music experiences by taking a physical performance and replicating the performer as a photorealistic digital Avatar performing live in a 3 dimensional fully immersive virtual venue.

By replicating the performer, the DJ, the artist or the singer as an avatar along with the gear, we virtualize the entire performance and experience from top to bottom providing infinite audience scalability beyond the four walls of a traditional venue.

Our Current Job Openings
Role Type Location
Automation Engineer 3 - LA Based Full-time International
Gameplay Engineer 1 Full-time Global
Generalist Engineer 1 Full-time Global
Lead Game Systems - LA Based Full-time International
Lead Network - LA Based Full-time International
Lead Virtualization Engineer - LA Based Full-time International
NPC Engineer 1 Full-time Global
Programmer (C++/UE4) Full-time Global
Sr. Animation Engineer Full-time Global
Sr. Audio SW Engineer - LA Based Full-time International
Sr. Gameplay Networking Full-time Global
Sr. Gameplay Networking - LA Based Full-time International
System/Tools Engineer Full-time Global
Technical Animator (Rigger) - LA Based Full-time International
Technical Artist Full-time Global
Platform Product Designer Full-time Global
Technical Producer Full-time Global
3D Animator Full-time Global
3D Environment Artist Full-time Global
Content Art Director Full-time Global
Lead Artist Full-time Global
VFX Artist Full-time Global