Redpill is building the AAA platform for the creation, distribution, monetization, and cloud rendering of next-generation live virtual events empowering DJs, musicians, performers, and the unreal content development community to deliver the most compelling way to experience a live event at home.

Stand-alone devices like the Meta Quest2 do not have the processing power to deliver the quality content needed for spectacular live virtual events. We are building improvements to Nvidia CloudXR including a much-improved video encoding solution powered by our partner V-Nova and a WebXR client for zero friction delivery to the consumers.

Redpill seeks a highly motivated Programmer with a broad range of skills to lead this effort to completion

As a GPU and WebXR programmer, you will be responsible for writing, and optimizing an end-to-end web-based cloud rendering offering for VR including:
- Finalize our WebXR client including the bi-directional audio and mic support to and from Unreal Engine 5 via WebTransport
- Upgrade our Cloud rendering Unreal Engine 5.0 plugin to the 5.1 version of the project and implement any optimization needed
- Continued integration of the V-Nova LCEVC as they deliver further optimized versions of the encode and decode and perform the conversion of the C++ decode libraries into WASM
- Port relevant CloudXR components such as the reprojection of remotely rendered content from the native approach to our WebXR implementation with minimal performance costs
- In the event we do not get access to the CloudXR client source code; write the needed modules from scratch.
- Orchestration framework for deployment

• 5 Year Minimum of low-level GPU Programming and optimization experience
• Understanding of high-performance real-time web application development (WASM, ideally WebXR experience)
• Excellent WebRTC or WebTransport protocol understanding and development skills
• Ideally Experience in Unreal Engine and a strong grasp of game engine real-time rendering, including DX11, DX12
• Experience in a cross-disciplinary development environment with strong soft skills
• Self-motivated, strong work ethic, and able to work independently
• Interest in building the next-gen platform for live, music-driven social events