Carondelet High School Academic Success Coach

Carondelet High School (About us) is looking for a full-time Academic Success Coach for the 2023-2024 School Year. The Academic Success Coach is part of the Academic & Learning Support (ALS) team which works to create an environment where all students are provided the resources they need to succeed at Carondelet. The Academic Success Coach participates in sections of Carondelet’s Intervention class (HFCE) and is an active participant in afterschool programming (PowerLab) to mentor students outside of the classroom.  

The Academic Success Coach works closely with Carondelet High School’s students, parents/guardians, faculty and staff, community stakeholders, and outside professionals to help meet the various needs and challenges that relate to academic and learning success.  The Academic Success Coach embodies the school’s core values and works to accomplish the school’s mission. 

Essential Responsibilities 

  • Establishes, documents, and maintains important information and confidential student files with frequent communication to parent guardians and their teachers when deemed appropriate about the students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.

As teacher

  • Plans and coaches supports for students needing academic support in order to progress in all Carondelet courses

  • Provides academic coaching in relation to executive functioning skill sets - time management, goal setting, learning strategies, self-care

Preparing for class

  • Creates an environment favorable to organization, learning and personal growth

  • Becomes familiar with course Schoology pages/grading tracking methods in order to assist/advise students

  • Uses PowerSchool data and supports teachers with instruction management of students

  • Monitors major assessments coming up in HFCE courses

  • Checks the log entries in order to monitor student progress and behavior campus-wide that might be contributing to their academic performance

  • Collaborates with classroom teachers (English, History, etc) in order to reinforce essential skills 

  • Partners with Director of Academic and Learning Support to follow-up on CAP/CEP

Elements to include in full-group setting

  • Daily, weekly, semester and full-year advisory 

  • Remind students about important deadlines - ie course advising

  • Update students on the PowerLab schedule if encouraging them to attend (knowing what teachers attend when)

Classroom Management

  • Supports school policies related to uniform, device use and development of ISO’s

  • Monitors students at all times in the classroom

  • Creates a classroom environment supportive of peer tutoring and team work

  • Works on building positive atmosphere and self-confidence related to academic work, monitor the negative self-talk that might be said in the classroom

As Coach

  • Is the lead person for all matters related to students on their caseload and is responsible for monitoring progress in all courses and proactively communicating any need with faculty, student, and family as necessary

  • Proactively identifies students in the community who may need to be tested for learning differences 

  • Acts as liaison between parent guardians and public school district personnel for the request of formal outside assessments

  • Recommends and works with tutors, psycho-educational evaluators, and outside Learning Specialist/personnel as needed for students that require additional ongoing support

  • Develops and documents academic support to students identified as having learning challenges or exceptional learners to include classroom accommodations, learning aids, management of extended time for testing.

  • Supports classroom teachers in the implementation of the plan.

  • Meets with parent/guardians, elementary school officials, and/or faculty and staff of incoming ninth-grade students to formulate plans toward a smooth transition to Carondelet High School

Individual Interaction With Student

  • Holds regular 1-1 check-ins: 

    • At meeting shows students how to access the feedback teachers give them on assignments so that changes can be made on future assignments

    • Supports students and provides an environment of care

  • Encourages students to use and advocate for their accommodations

  • Motivates students through effective incentives, monitoring strategies and support plans

Follow-up needs

  • Connects students with wellness counselors as needed 

  • Collaborates on cases that look to be difficult, is proactive

  • Strategizes with ALS team about the potential need for remediation support

  • Participates in Powerlab to provide additional support to students and the ALS team

As A Member of the Academic and Learning Support Team

  • Participates in student support team meetings and engages with student success plans

  • Supports and advises in the after-school mandated strategic support and power lab support programs

  • Administers extended time foroom exams, including AP exams and high school placement tests for incoming freshmen, etc.

  • Proctors exams as necessary i.e. semester finals in a closed testing environment ensuring the integrity of the test, and returning finished exams to the teachers in a timely fashion

  • Organizes and coordinates internal testing for students (College Board/ACT, AP testing, extended testing, testing accommodations, make-up exams)

  • Attends weekly meetings with the Director of Academic and Learning Support.

  • Attends weekly meetings with ALS team

  • Assists in developing, implementing and assessing ALS programs as the department expands programming to meet the needs of the campus community

  • Remains current with accepted and appropriate instructional theory, practice, and research, including engaging in strategic professional development to advance the role as a resource for teachers and students


  • Bachelor’s Degree Required.  Credential/certification in student teaching or related diploma preferred

  • Three years of experience working with students needing differentiated approaches.  Preference for experience working with students at the high school level 

  • Preference for a candidate with a strong understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion best practice.

Technical/Functional skills:

  • Effective interpersonal communication skills

  • Effective communicators both written and verbal

  • Effective classroom management

  • Ability to integrally engage/support as a member of a team

  • Proficient in digital platforms related to school life

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