Careers at Carondelet High School
About Us

Carondelet is an equity-focused, woman-centered, 800-student high school located in the East Bay. The school is committed to recruiting a diverse team of adults that contribute different perspectives and ensure our students are surrounded by a rich community of mentors -- DEI Statement.  


Employees at Carondelet are lifelong learners with a keen interest in growing professionally in all areas. An ideal candidate is a team player who can think outside the box, is confident, and is capable of using technology. All employees are invested in providing a quality faith-based education for our young women. All participate actively in the life of the school community in a manner that supports and promotes the mission and core values of Carondelet. Employees should establish and cultivate relationships that help promote and progress the advancement goals of the school. Actively contribute to building and strengthening a culture of philanthropy - internally and externally - that spotlights the impact of broad community participation and support.   

For the classroom, we are seeking individuals who are interested in curriculum development as it relates to making learning highly relevant in today’s world. Our curriculum demands authentic assessments with rubrics, and lessons that provide critical and creative thinking opportunities.  Candidates should have a background or appetite for innovative, collaborative teaching models.  

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