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Measures for Justice is a non-partisan, fast-paced, entrepreneurial non-profit on a mission to make good criminal justice data available and actionable to spur reform. Since 2011, we have pioneered a methodology to compare how different justice systems perform on the county level and led the charge to improve county-level criminal justice data. While we do not advocate for any specific reforms, we do work to make change possible by increasing system transparency, accessibility, and accountability. We’ve got world-class criminal justice data and technology chops. And a culture that demands excellence, rigor and people who like to make good ideas come to life. Our Premise

Local communities and the institutions that serve them are in the best position to reshape how their criminal justice system works.  What Problem Is MFJ Trying to Solve?

The data communities need to make informed decisions about system performance and change are in short supply. The same goes for accountability and transparency. As a result, communities and the institutions that serve them are not equipped to work together on lasting change.


How Does MFJ Aim To Solve This Problem?

We’ve developed a new model for the community and the prosecutor/police/courts to work together to create a space for making criminal justice data transparent and shared goals public via a public dashboard called Commons.

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