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About Us

WeCareJax seeks equitable access to quality healthcare by advancing and coordinating community-wide compassionate specialty care for the uninsured.  Licensed health professionals are provided Sovereign Immunity by the State of Florida's Volunteer Provider Program for the free care they provide to our uninsured neighbors living at 200% or less of the Federal Poverty Level. Each year, roughly 1,700 patients are served through our network, representing over $20 million in donated care and services for our community.

Programs and services  include:

·         Recruiting medical volunteers & securing donated healthcare services

·         Managing appointments and care transitions upon referral for patients to access specialty healthcare providers at no cost to the patient

·         Connecting patients to individualized supportive services for improved health outcomes

·         Supporting the work of free and charitable clinics in Duval County by managing common resources for their patients and effective processes

·         Supporting JaxCareConnect 

We believe in:

·         The value and equity of people of all races, genders, orientations, socioeconomic status, abilities, and citizenship status

·         Patient-centered care and continuity of care

·         Compassion and healing

·         Accountability for our work and measuring its impact

·         Collaboration and coordinated services with strong respect for our partners


-          Benefits include health and life insurance for the employee, with vision, dental, and other support available for employees and dependents.

-          Paid vacation, sick leave, and fifteen (15) paid holidays per year

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