General Purpose: The individual holding this position is required to support and demonstrate their commitment to the Longevity Health Statement of Purpose, which is: To improve the health and quality of life of nursing home residents by caring for their unique medical, social, and emotional needs.


The Director of Education understands the role of clinicians in delivering high quality care and services in a value‐based payment environment/health plan. This role is critical to ensuring newly onboarded clinicians have the necessary training and tools to optimally care for Longevity Health members by developing and implementing clinicians’ and non‐clinicians’ training. Educational programs developed are based on sound educational learning theories and best practices. These programs include base clinical orientation, Nurse Practitioner Boot Camp, care coordinator training, monthly Grand Rounds and regular clinical updates, Learning Management and LHP Intranet Content, Clinical Practice Guidelines updates, Model of Care Training, supporting clinical platform business requirements and clinician training, and annual education needs survey. This role supervises the Quality and Clinical Education teams. Additionally, this position oversees the Longevity Quality and accreditation functions. The Director will ensure Model of Care oversight is in place, quality plan and program are up to date, and company policies and procedures meet NCQA requirements. This role is accountable to overall HEDIS and STARs program and performance measuring, monitoring, and results optimization. The Director oversees the Chronic Care Improvement Program Projects and NCQA deliverables, making sure they are completed correctly and by the required deadlines. This role may lead company‐wide leadership development training and clinical projects as well as Clinical Fellowship and College/University Affiliations.


Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Reviews, modifies, implements core clinical orientation, and offers it at a minimum of monthly. Determines where face to face interaction is needed, what can be placed into the Longevity Health Learning Management System.
  • Completes/ensures completion all content/curriculum, objectives, and post tests for Longevity Health educational offerings.
  • Conducts annual clinical educational needs survey.
  • Prepares learning content into the appropriate Learning Management System format, manages the Learning Management System, and ensures accurate and up to date clinical content.
  • Works collaboratively with clinical leadership to address learning needs of clinical staff based on hospital review meeting or quality findings.
  • Coordinates and ensures effective clinical platform education and support in collaboration with the Clinical Informatics Leader and DQCOs.
  • Designs systems and processes to evaluate Longevity Health educational offerings and obtain feedback from attendees to ensure effective outcomes.
  • Design and implement education offerings calendar and keep current, publish in Company Teams/Intranet sites.
  • Design and implement care coordination clinical orientation program.
  • Design and implement clinical leadership education and mentorship program in collaboration with DQCOs, CCO.
  • Revise and implement PCP Model of Care training program.
  • Revise and implement Market Medical Director orientation program.
  • Determine most economic/effective continuing education credits vendor and procure for all Longevity Health Plan clinical training programs that meet requirements. Sets up process for obtaining and submitting for CE credits for Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and physicians.
  • Supports in the field training needs and travels to markets as needed.
  • Leads Longevity Health Clinical Education, Clinical Policies and Procedures and Practice Guidelines Committee.
  • Leads/coaches/onboards education team members, conducts performance evaluations.
  • Obtains provider CE accreditation/certification and maintains all required supporting documentation to issue CE credits for providers, clinicians.
  • Leads the Quality Team through providing clear direction, departmental goals, budgeting, performance management.
  • Ensures organization preparedness for NCQA Accreditation.
  • Ensures quality program performance to goals, reporting and analytics are in place for field‐based users to achieve success in closing quality measure performance gaps.
  • Gathers business requirement for all clinical functions performed in LWCC.
  • Leads company wide projects, ensuring implementation optimization and achieving outcomes.
  • Continuously looks for ways to improve clinical quality performance, Model of Care performance and leads clinical innovation.
  • Develops strategic relationships with external partners to optimize MOC, LWCC, Quality performance.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


Credentials & Coverage:

  • Doctorate degree or PhD in Nursing, Education, Population Health, or similar field of study preferred. Masters degree required.
  • Active Licensed Advanced Practice Nurse with specialty in Adult, Geriatrics, Family, Primary Care, Acute Care or Education AND board certification from ANCC or AANP.
  • Valid state drivers’ license with a good driving record and proof of automobile insurance required.
  • Auto liability insurance coverage per minimum required by home state.


Education and Training:

  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience leading and designing clinical education programs, continuing education offerings required.


Knowledge and Experience:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ clinical practice experience preferably as an advanced practice nurse, preferably working in long term care/nursing home and or special needs health plan.
  • A Minimum of 1 year leadership experience managing clinicians.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills required.
  • Complex decision‐making skills required.
  • Demonstrated ability to design, implement and effectively evaluate clinical education programs.
  • Effective organizational skills.
  • Advanced computer skills‐ MS Office Products required.
  • Emotional intelligence, calm when under pressure.
  • Ability to succeed in a rapidly evolving organization.
  • Strong interpersonal and team skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and managed online classes/meetings effectively.
  • Goal oriented, proven track record of achieving goals, completing projects on time and in budget.


Company Overview:

Founded in 2018, Longevity Health started as an Institutional Special Needs Plan (ISNP), a type of Medicare Advantage health plan that addresses significant unmet needs of long-term institutionalized members who reside in nursing homes.  Through rapid growth from 2018 to 2022, we expanded our market footprint and currently offer ISNP Medicare Advantage plans in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina. 

In 2023, we expanded our service offerings to the broader health plan market.  In addition to our existing markets where we are both the ISNP and the care management team, we are now partnering with National Carriers on their offered ISNP plans in Ohio, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas, with implementations in progress for several other additional US states. This allows us to utilize our core skills of supporting clinical post-acute needs of this vulnerable senior population Currently 13 markets and expanding rapidly.


Company Disclaimers:

Longevity Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

It is the policy of Longevity Health to follow Federal and / or State regulations surrounding COVID vaccinations.  While CMS guidelines have been relaxed, there are some LHP facilities which will still require staff be vaccinated in an effort to protect the health of the members / patients we serve.  If your assigned location(s) require all staff to be fully vaccinated, you are required to obtain and / or provide documentation related to your COVID vaccination.  To confirm whether your assigned location(s) require COVID vaccinations, please refer to the Facility Guide Job Aid located on Longevity Health Plan’s intranet site. 


The Company will engage in an interactive process with individuals who cannot be vaccinated for medical or sincerely held religious beliefs to determine if a reasonable accommodation can be made. While an exemption/accommodation may be initially granted, if at any time during employment, it is determined that an exemption/accommodation that has been granted is no longer considered a reasonable accommodation, it can result in employment with the Company ending.


Candidates must meet the Company’s hiring criteria which include a pre-employment background and drug screening.


Longevity Health offers a competitive compensation and benefits package which includes medical, dental, vision, short and long-term disability, life insurance, and 401(k).


Submission of false information during the application process may result in immediate termination of employment without notice.