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Airspace Link has its genesis in an award winning 24 hour hackathon. The solutions presented were "before their time" but has grown into relevancy with the adoption and popularity of drones.

As commercial drone delivery has become a reality, the solutions originally proposed by the Airspace Link team have become a needed and essential part to airspace management and air-based courier systems. From a bleeding-edge idea to a full fledged corporation, Airspace Link is led by veterans of geospatial technologies with over 60 years experience in the delivery of geospatial driven solutions. Airspace Link is now the partner of choice for delivering airspace management solutions. 

The founding team have been working together across nearly a half dozen companies and ventures and have successfully been through the acquisition process on more than one occasion. We adore all things geospatial and love to geek out on new technologies and ideas, especially when you can put it on a map.

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Each new hire is an opportunity for us to bring in a different perspective, and we are eager to further diversify our company. Airspace Link is committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do the best and most rewarding work of your career.

Our Benefits and Perks

Let’s get real for a moment. Airspace Link, by all definitions, is a startup. Some of you may look on our status like you would at grabbing the last Walmart shopping cart that you just watched someone sneeze all over. Others may view this as a unique opportunity in an emerging industry to get a fresh start with a huge potential upside. We hope you’re the latter.

We aim to be competitive but won’t be making any headlines. We offer a full health benefit package that is tiered depending on your tenure with Airspace Link. In other words, our benefits move from good, to better, to best.

We support a life well lived away from work. None of our benefits are about trapping people at the office or cajoling them into endless overtime. Just the opposite. We’re all about reasonable working hours, ample vacation time, fitness, wellness, and healthy living.

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