As a System/Tools Engineer, you will help the team work efficiently by creating tools that can automate or simplify various tasks.  Tap into your skills as a generalist to accommodate the wishes of the design, art, or even engineering team.  Quickly iterate to get tools, up and running.  Afterwards, solicit feedback to debug, and polish each one.  Through your efforts, hundreds of hours can be shaved off of developing the core platform.


•  Evaluate tools that are needed by the team

•  Design, implement, and document each tool

•  Define workflows for every tool

•  Collaborate with Creative Director, and engineering team


•  Bachelor of Science or Engineering in an accredited college or university

•  2 years of experience as a Tools Programmer or similar role

•  Generalist with an emphasis on tool development

•  Strong C++,  C#, Python skills

•  Familiar with best practices of software development

•  UE4 experience would be a plus

•  Web development experience would be a plus

•  Great interpersonal, oral, and written skills

•  Adaptable to evolving corporate culture

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