REDPILL VR offers a distinctive platform for music and artists to virtually perform live, creating mind bending digital worlds. Making performances more accessible than ever by transcending time and space. REDPILL is building the capabilities to connect tens of millions of users during live and pre-recorded events. 

Job Description

As a Generalist Programmer, you are a SWAT team member in which you could drop in any technical endeavour and work towards a solution. As a part of this, you will implement key features, and tools required by the platform. Follow the lead of the Technical Director, who will navigate you down the path that utilizes your key strengths. Along the way, leverage best practices that you have gained over the years to deliver clean, robust, maintainable code. Doing so will guarantee the long-term success of the organization.


• Write system and core technology libraries and features

• Write UE4 blueprints

• Convert UE4 blueprints to C++

• Code optimization

• Develop modules such as artificial intelligence, Leap Motion, UX/UI, client server architecture, multiplayer, graphics, or gameplay.

• Implement features proposed by the art and design teams

• Create any requested tools

• Rapid prototyping


• Bachelor of Science or Engineering in an accredited college or university

• 3 years of experience as a Game Programmer or similar role

• 2 years of development experience in UE4 preferred

• Strong C++ skills

• Familiar with best practices of software development

• Great interpersonal, oral, and written skills

• Adaptable to evolving corporate culture

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