Job Description – Project Coordinator

Summary Objective:

The role of the Project Coordinator (“PC”) is multi-faceted, providing direct support to both the Project Management and Operations Teams handling several projects. The Project Coordinator (PC) provides the knowledge, skills and experience required to strongly assist these teams. The PC is responsible for the production and gathering of project related information and then be able to track, file, and distribute this information to all related parties. This position is accountable for maintaining uptodate information in an organized format to assist our Weltmann Lighting (WL) teams. The PC will establish a professional work environment which includes fostering a positive atmosphere, promoting proactive and effective communication, facilitating problem solving, resolving conflicts, and keeping in order of all construction documents. The goal is always to ensure each project runs smoothly, seamlessly, on time and within budget.


·        New York based with 3-5 years of experience in the construction industry

·        Must have the ability to conceptually budget, meet deadlines, handle various projects simultaneously and work effectively in a busy, team-oriented environment

·        Experience with construction drawings, specifications, architectural sketches, and other related construction documents is preferred

·        Must be willing to travel within the local area

·        Good client management and strong relationship building skills

·        Excellent computer skills (MS Office/Excel/Outlook/Adobe Acrobat Pro) and math skills

·        Well-developed time scheduling and organizational skills

·        Excellent written and oral communication skills

·        Previous experience in a construction related company is preferred

·        Previous experience with construction estimating take-off software is preferred

Job Responsibilities:

·        Review and analyze drawings and specifications

·        Assist in assembling and organizing the job folder (on the PC and the actual file) per established procedures

·        Review returned submittals, prepare submittal logs, and create request for information (RFI) documents, as needed

·        Prepare purchase orders for material required with necessary documentation

·        Create spreadsheets to track approvals, field dimensions, custom colors, driver compatibility, lamp requirements and lead times

·        Create delivery requests to ensure timely and accurate material arrival to the job site

·        Monitor the progress of the construction activities on a regular basis and update the project status report (PSR) and WL Project Manager

·        Monitor email communication and provide timely answers and perform required research

·        Periodic inspection of construction sites and attendance at job site meetings

·        Perform job closeout at project completion per established procedures

·        Ability to multi-task, as well as perform all duties in a professional manner

·        Other responsibilities as assigned