A Starburst Customer Success Manager will be expected to manage all of a customer’s technical issues, from tuning JVMs for high performance to customizations to architectural planning. You’ll then take that knowledge and work with our engineers to implement the next generation of Starburst Presto. You will be in both the trenches and the boardroom - our CSM's can do it all for our customers.

We are the Presto company --- At Starburst, our team is a major contributor to the open source Presto project. We consist of many of the experts and committers who have been contributing to and advancing the Presto product over the last few years. Originally invented and open sourced by Facebook under the Apache License, Presto is the fastest growing SQL engine driven by a community of users --- from small companies to the Fortune 500.

We’re looking for highly motivated individuals with backgrounds in deploying and debugging complex systems. Background in distributed systems, Hadoop, cloud technologies, security, DBMSs and navigating a complex Java codebase are all useful technical skills. Equally important are strong communication skills, presentation experience, and the ability to function in a fast-paced dynamic environment when needed. Presto encompasses a wide range of technologies, and most important is the desire and ability to learn.


  • Manage all technical aspects of a client’s relationship with Starburst
  • Solving immediate technical problems
  • Track customer’s technical needs
  • Explore integrations and extensions of Presto with customers
  • Collaborate with our pre-sales team in fast paced sales environments
  • Serve as an intermediary between users and Starburst engineering
  • Advise product planning team on real-world customer challenges


Valuable Expertise

  • Setting up and tuning distributed processing engines


  • Authentication (LDAP, Kerberos)
  • Authorization technologies
  • Hadoop (specifically HDFS and Hive)
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP)



  • Java
  • Bash
  • Python
  • SQL
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