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We are the Presto company --- At Starburst (, our team is a major contributor to the open source Presto project ( Originally created and open sourced by Facebook, Presto is the de facto distributed SQL engine that powers low latency analytics over Big Data at many organizations --- from small companies to the Fortune 500 (like Facebook, Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, Twitter). We consist of many of the experts and committers who have been contributing to and advancing the Presto product, and as such we’re responsible for nearly half of the commits to the open source Presto project over the last several years.

We design and implement features in the entire Presto landscape, throughout the Presto core (execution engine, planner/optimizer), Presto connectors to various data sources, tooling, enabling public/private cloud integrations and containerization (AWS, Azure, Google, Openshift, Kubernetes, etc). For example last year we landed the long awaited Cost-Based Optimizer for Presto.

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