The Quad Preparatory School is an alternative college preparatory school dedicated to the education of Twice Exceptional Students with social learning differences. The vision is to allow The Quad Preparatory students to experience education as the transformative experience every child deserves. At The Quad Preparatory School students rise to the level of talent, instead of being kept down to the level of disability in a completely alternative program that truly molds itself to each child. The founding principles underlying The Quad Preparatory School’s mission are specialized, individualized, whole-child education for twice exceptional students who do not thrive in traditional classroom settings. The unique model fully integrates explicit social and emotional learning with a rigorous academic curriculum, specially designed to engage and motivate our highly capable students to reach their potential—as independent thinkers, empowered and mindful adults, and innovators and contributors to communities of excellence.

The Intern will join a high level team consisting of trainees, mental health professionals, and educators. The Quad Preparatory serves students from grades K-12, and the intern will be placed specifically in a classroom with students in one of the lower, middle, or upper grade levels.


§ 2 weeks of intensive training before school year begins

§ Weekly individual supervision

§ Weekly group supervision (2 hours)

§ Weekly in-service training (2 hours)

§ Establish and continuously monitor students’ individual psychosocial goals and strategies

§ Assist instructors in psychosocial aspects of student interaction

§ Assist instructors with implementation of classroom activities

§ Assist children with special projects, homework and life skills as determined by their schedule

§ Prepare, arrange, and maintain group activities for students

§ Interact with children according to The Quad's Social and Emotional Learning Paradigms

§ Track and maintain program participation data and complete required daily reports

§ Co-write psychosocial portion of students’ mid-year and year-end progress reports

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