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Careers at The Quad Preparatory School

At Quad Prep, we are on a mission — to transform the lives of neurodiverse, twice exceptional people by redefining the experience of school. Through the collective, superlative and empathic work of our teachers and clinicians, we are empowering students to leave Quad Prep fully prepared to engage with the exciting and wonderful diversity of this world.

Entering our 10th year and a new phase of maturity, we are excited to welcome fellow groundbreakers to our team to help us further this inspiring and urgent mission.  We are eager to challenge our status quo, to seek diverse perspectives and work together to develop better practices of neurodiverse education.  The Quad Preparatory School actively seeks to forward diversity through its programs and hiring.

Why Work at Quad Prep?

  • INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY: In our joyful and inclusive culture everybody is celebrated for who they are. 
  • SUPPORTIVE COLLEAGUES: Our colleagues are inspiring, collaborative innovators and are at their happiest collaborating to create personalized solutions for each student. 
  • THE BEST STUDENTS: With their enthusiasm, deep interests, and infectious curiosity, we guarantee that you will learn something new from our students every single day—and have a lot of joy and laughter along the way!
  • DEEP PROFESSIONAL LEARNING: Quad Prep supports you as you grow in your career. Dedicated professional development pathways allow our team to collaborate, learn from leaders in the field, and grow their expertise. Our annual Breakthroughs Conference is shaped with our staff’s continued learning in mind. Your professional growth is important to us!
    • Health coverage for Medical, Dental, and Vision
    • Help with paying off your Student Loans
    • Matching contributions for your Retirement Plan
    • Group Life Plan and Disability Insurance
    • Generous Parental Leave
    • School vacations
  • WORK LIFE BALANCE: We provide generous schoolwide vacations for everyone on our teaching and clinical team, including a long summer vacation and six-and-a-half weeks of paid time off that are built into our school calendar, including four weeks of school breaks across the school year and holidays. Your wellbeing is important to us, and this scheduled time for you to recharge and energize is just one way for you to live the life you wish for — inside and outside of our school.
  • DEDICATED TIME: We provide dedicated, protected time for our teams to plan and collaborate with one another. We protect half of the day every Friday so that our teachers and clinicians can meet together and develop plans for the learning and growth of every student. We also protect dedicated time throughout the year for professional development programs and report-card writing so that you have the time and support you need to thrive in and beyond the classroom.
  • PRIVATE PRACTICE SUPPORT: Exclusively for our Quad Prep staff, we are happy to provide reduced-rate space for your private practice or tutoring after school hours right on our campus for any staff members who wish to pursue a private client practice in their field.private practice

Who We Are

(If Quad Prep is for you, you'll read what's below and feel, "that's me!")

At Quad Prep, we are guided by values that we hold dear and we have developed a set of practices and abilities to meet our mission.  We are:


We ignite our students’ talents and are passionate about their futures. You are:

  • Passionate about our work and  our mission
  • Creative and excited about reaching each and every learner in new ways
  • Excited to use current best practice to create new best practice in this rapidly evolving field
  • Able to set high expectations of both students and yourself and discover ways to meet them

We function with an exceedingly deep degree of collaboration. You:

  • Communicate effectively with colleagues
  • Seek to understand yourself  in order to welcome new perspectives 
  • Are generous of spirit and willing to give and receive feedback freely


We are steadfast and are accountable to our students and each other. You:

  • Can be counted on to do what you say you will do
  • Have a high level of ownership for personal and team results
  • Can purposefully develop skills to find success in your work and our learning community
  • Ask for support when you need it
  • Project an unflappable, firm and kind presence to our students

Constantly Learning and Growing:


  • Seek personal growth
  • Help colleagues learn and improve.
  • Help the organization improve by developing new ideas and approaches.


At Quad Prep, we dig deep to meet our mission. You are:

  • Highly effective and disciplined
  • Show initiative
  • Display good judgment and sensibility
  • Excellent at classroom management


At Quad Prep, we never give up on each other and are driven by the ethos of “not if, but how.” You are:

  • Open to new ideas
  • Nimble in changing environments
  • Excited by ambiguity and change during this time of unprecedented complexity and accelerating innovation

Our Current Job Openings
Role Type Location
Open Resume Call - Work with Twice-Exceptional Students at Quad Prep! Full-time The Quad Preparatory School
Development and Communications Assistant Full-time The Quad Preparatory School
Security Associate Full-time The Quad Preparatory School
Director of HR/People and Culture Full-time The Quad Preparatory School
Upper School Academic Opportunities
Middle School Learning Specialist Full-time The Quad Preparatory School
Upper School History Teacher Leave Replacement Full-time The Quad Preparatory School
Lower School Opportunities
Associate Teacher Full-time The Quad Preparatory School
Clinical Opportunities
Lower School 1:1 Psychosocial Assistant Full-time The Quad Preparatory School