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Associate Mechanical Engineer

Associate Mechanical Engineer

While working with Goddard Technologies as an Associate Mechanical Engineer, you will be held accountable to be able to conduct yourself in the manners listed below and refine any needed skills to efficiently cover all responsibilities.

You are expected to:

  • Take every care, regard, action, and ability to keep all privileged information not yet known to other individuals, companies, public, or other entity private and confidential in all regards.

  • Work with a team to create mechanical concepts for overall packaging strategies, mechanisms and parts. 

These concepts are expected to balance function, appearance, form, and budgetary requirements.

  • Work with clients on individual projects or as a team member/support member on larger projects.

  • Communicate clearly and concisely with your team members and client throughout the project. 

  • Strive for the right balance between strategic planning and tactical execution. 

  • Be a motivator, positive and success oriented individual who is familiar with the latest development/production/rapid-prototype methodologies. 

  • Work with team members to estimate resource requirements, monitor progress, balance and reallocate resources. 

  • Work with team members to resolve conflicts among resources and between clients and engineering teams. 

  • Remain apprised of the progress of certain projects, paying particular attention to any developing problems, and participate in major problem resolutions. 

  • Communicate to senior management any significant deviations from project plans. 

  • Continue to grow your capabilities within all realms of your career. 

With regards to Computer & Software Use, you are expected to:

  • Create entire databases describing complete product design.

These databases will be suitable for direct transfer to manufacturing and will include all consideration for tooling and functional design requirements.

  • This work will often be performed as part of a team, which includes both engineers and industrial designers.

  • Either create or oversee the creation of product documentation for the manufacturing and assembly process in accordance with Goddard Technologies, Inc.

  • Use Pro-Engineer and SolidWorks as the CAD design platforms. 

  • Continue to grow your capabilities with all computer program

About Goddard:

Founded in 1997, Goddard is a full-service product development and engineering firm specializing in the design and development of medical technology, life science and industrial products. Drawing from the collective expertise of its experienced designers and engineers, Goddard’s mission is to deliver outstanding solutions that positively impact lives. We have offices in Beverly, MA and San Diego, CA.

Goddard believes that everyone is entitled to fair opportunities and equal employment rights. We comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring and the terms and conditions of employment including, but not limited to, compensation, promotion, discipline, or termination. Goddard is firm on its policy to provide equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants on the basis of qualification and merit and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran status, public assistance status, membership or activity in a local commission, or any other legally protected status in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal laws.

Please note: Presently, Goddard does not sponsor employment visas.

Staffing Agencies and Recruiters: Goddard, Inc. will not accept resumes from agencies or recruiters with whom we do not have an existing agreement in place. Goddard, Inc. is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.

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