JOB TITLE:  Gracehaven Resident Assistant - Second Shift

Supervisor: Gracehaven Program Coordinator

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

GOAL: To provide high quality, trauma-informed, direct care to youth living in Gracehaven’s residential home and to facilitate positive interactions with all individuals related to a youth’s placement. 



       Responsible to build trust with Gracehaven residents

       Responsible to establish safety for residents according to Gracehaven standards 

       Responsible to love unconditionally

       Responsible to offer life-giving hope

       Responsible to empower survivors


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:


Responsible for Building Trust

     Maintain Trauma-informed caring environment, staying ODJFS compliant

     Establish good rapport with youth through client focused, individualized attention

     Build trust by maintaining a posture of learning from the youth


Responsible to Establish Safety 

     Observe and document client behaviors, ensure client records and shift notes are up to date and according to standard

     Uphold all OAC policies and Gracehaven Policies & Procedures

     Share information about resident care with oncoming shift for continuity of care

     Ensure a safe and stable environment of trauma-informed care


Responsible to Love Unconditionally

     Love unconditionally by showing Gracehaven youth healthy relational attention and demonstrating to them they are worthy of adults who care for them

     Participate and Supervise community outings and events for youth

     Maintain professionalism with custodial agencies, families and county workers


Responsible to Offer Life-giving Hope

     Encourage the girls towards their goals

     Assist with implementation of Individual Service Plan

     Attend Staff meetings and trainings, as required


Responsible to Empower Survivors

     Assist in daily life-skills and program goals

     Make sure rooms are ready for new residents

     Assist in transportation for events, visits and appointments

     Distribute medication in compliance with ODJFS standards and educate youth

        Maintain ongoing trauma informed training hours, in compliance with ODJFS

COYFC Spiritual Responsibilities

Because the overriding religious purpose and mission of Youth for Christ USA is to communicate and introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young people and their families, and in that regard to make, educate and encourage life-long disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is very important that you as an employee in the movement of Youth for Christ be recognized as an associate minister of the Gospel.

As an employee of Youth for Christ and Gracehaven and a minister of the Gospel, COYFC expects all employees to:

     Seek God’s guidance and wisdom, through prayer and meditation, for the organization as a whole as well as for specific ministry initiatives.

     Regularly pray for the residents of Gracehaven

     Agree with Statement of Faith and Standards of Conduct

 Hours: Part-time hours (up to 29 hours/week)