As the studio Art Director, you will work under the Global AD to participate in the visual direction of the project. You will drive your local team of artists to fullfill the vision of the AD and the technical requirements of the TAD. Accomplish your goals by collaborating with the Global AD, TAD, and local artists. Succeed by ensuring the art style and quality dictated by the Global AD are met, inside the technical framework defined by the TAD.

• Maintain the art style embodied by the platform as dictated by the Global Art Director
• Drive artists on the project to achieve the art style and quality set forth by the Global AD, within the constraints provided by the TAD
• Provide additional concepts in 2D, and 3D to provide visual requirements, and expectations of the Global AD's vision
• Project art styles across all art divisions, which include environments, characters, UX/UI, etc. as dictated by the Global Art Director

This position has been filled.