Responsible for the physical plant, general maintenance repairs, unit make ready, preventative maintenance, and construction/rehabilitation projects for an apartment community.  Oversees the maintenance staff and leads by example. Must be able to handle grounds keeping and pool duties as needed.





·         High School Diploma or equivalent; college or trade school degree preferred



·         Freon Recovery certification required

·         Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) preferred

·         Must have training in compressor diagnosis, appliance repair, etc.

·         Certifications/permits required by city/state to perform job responsibilities (i.e. pool operations)

·         Certifications in boilers, plumbing, HVAC (basic and advanced), mold training, journeyman license, use of fire extinguisher and first aid preferred



Must be able to use and/or service the following equipment: key machine, sewer machine, sink machine, leak detector, ampere meter, volt meter, recovery machine, manifold gauges, charging cylinders, steam clean/shampoo machine, spray paint rig, electric saw, cordless screwdriver, drill, air conditioners, boiler water heaters, appliance welding torches (A/C), propane torch (plumbing), chlorine test kit, various screwdrivers, nut driver set, pliers, various wrenches, wire crimping/stripping tool, diagonal cutter, drill motor, drill bits, saws, hammers, tape (ruler), tube cutter (copper), and soldering torch. Some properties may require that maintenance technicians supply their own tools.



·         3 years previous general maintenance experience. Must be able to handle light plumbing repairs, tile work, HVAC equipment, troubleshoot appliances, carpentry repairs, electrical and all facets of apartment make ready. Previous supervisory experience required.




The following are essential job accountabilities:

1.       Under direction of Community Manager, supervises, trains, and schedules maintenance activities for apartment community and maintenance staff.

a.       Work with the office team and Community Manager (i.e. walking units, move-in/move-out reports, etc.) to determine weekly unit make-ready and work schedules

b.      Complete weekly/daily maintenance employee schedules and assignments

c.       Communicate assignments and major tasks to employees; make sure they have all the instructions and safety equipment necessary to complete assignment properly

d.      Periodically check the work progress of each maintenance employee on daily basis; provide immediate assistance and instruction if needed

e.      Provides input to Community Manager regarding employee performance evaluations, employee compliments from residents, correcting counseling needs, etc.

f.        Promote quality job performance in staff by acknowledging self-starters, encouraging employees who project a positive image of company and those who show initiative

g.       Assess training needs of employees and provide input for training programs

2.       Coordinate, schedule, and respond to resident/management requests/work orders for occupied units.

a.       Use work orders and schedules to establish priorities; determine with Community Manager requests or emergencies that should be top priority and assign work orders equally to maintenance technician(s)

b.      Repair/replace appliances (i.e. garbage disposal, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc.)

c.       Repair/replace plumbing (i.e. water lines, water pressure, water fixtures, faucets, drain lines, boiler temperatures, water closets, etc.)

d.      Repair/replace any apartment material/maintenance requests within scope of management responsibility (i.e. doors/drawers, replace hardware, replace light bulb/fixtures, vent fans, drapery rods, replace/re-key locks, doorsteps, door viewers, towel bars, refrigerator lights, vent fans, mini blinds, etc.)

3.       Coordinate, schedule, and prepare vacant apartment units for move-in.

a.       Mark all vacant to determine make-ready needs; coordinate effort with Community Manager to make schedule and assignments; if major appliances or carpet need replacing, discuss with Community Manager prior to taking action

b.      Ensure all repairs/replacements necessary for unit to be occupied (i.e. tile/flooring, hardware, appliances, light fixtures, walls, doors, baseboards, ceilings, windows, screens, cabinets, carpet, etc.) are completed.

4.       Identify and correct hazardous property conditions that could place the property in a liable position.

a.       Follow mold policy/procedure as set forth by the company

b.      Tour property daily to look for roofing problems, transformer problems, loose guardrails/fences, loose gutters, broken windows, fallen fixtures, slippery areas, mechanical gates, cracked sidewalks, foundation problems, water/air conditioning leaks, landscaping hazards, broken glass, burned out lighting/bulbs, etc.); repair or assign hazards to maintenance technicians

5.       Coordinate, schedule, and perform preventative maintenance on equipment and units.

a.       Coordinate and schedule a preventative maintenance program for apartment community

b.      Ensure replacement of air filters, cleaning, and lubricating machinery/equipment, etc.

6.       Ordering supplies and managing maintenance budget.

a.       Working with Community Manager and using input from maintenance staff, determine supplies and equipment (i.e. paint, wood, tuning, appliances, tools, chemicals, sheetrock, etc.) needed for property and place orders

b.      Provide input to Community Manager in determining needs for next fiscal year budget


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