About Us

Shattuck is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of bi-functional fusion proteins as a new class of biologic medicine for the treatment of patients with cancer and autoimmune disease. Compounds derived from Shattuck’s proprietary Agonist Redirected Checkpoint, ARC®, platform simultaneously inhibit checkpoint molecules and activate costimulatory molecules within a single therapeutic. The company’s lead wholly owned program, SL-172154 (SIRPα-Fc-CD40L), which is designed to block the CD47 immune checkpoint and simultaneously agonize the CD40 pathway, is being evaluated in a Phase 1 trial. A second compound, SL-279252 (PD1-Fc-OX40L), is being evaluated in a Phase 1 trial in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the company is advancing a proprietary Gamma Delta T Cell Engager, GADLEN™, platform, which is designed to bridge gamma delta T cells to tumor antigens for the treatment of patients with cancer. Shattuck has offices in both Austin, Texas and Durham, North Carolina. For more information, please visit: www.ShattuckLabs.com


About the Position

The Cell Line Development (CLD) vector engineering Scientist will lead the development of a panel of expression vectors for generation of high yielding stable CHO cell lines. Responsibilities will include design and evaluation of single and double gene vectors for use in generation of high yielding stable cell lines expressing novel bi-functional recombinant proteins developed using Agonist Redirected Checkpoint (ARC) technology.


Summary of Key Responsibilities

  • Lead transfection optimization of CHO-DG44 cells for CLD
  • Develop and optimize DHFR/MTX based clone selection for generation of stable high yielding cell lines
  • Design MTX amplification methods for stepwise amplification of integrated GOI for generation of high yielding CHO-DG44 clones
  • Develop methods for rapid minipool generation for both CLD and material generation workflows to reduce CLD timelines develop workflows and methodologies for direct single cell cloning 
  • Develop methods to assure monoclonality using regulatory compliant industry standards
  • Develop CLD methods to identify and screen out clones with risks of instability 
  • Generate clone stability assessment protocols suitable for regulatory submissions 
  • Develop shake flask fed-batch protocols using commercial culture media and feed for clone ranking and top clone selection for process development
  • Develop tools to assess HCP levels in scale up cultures for top clone ranking suitable for downstream processing 
  • Develop product quality based clone ranking strategies during CLD 
  • Collaborate with other CLD scientist to establish a high yielding stable cell line development platform


Required Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in molecular biology preferably with 1-2 years postdoctoral experience
  • Experience in CHO cell line development in biotechnology industry
  • Hands on experience in cutting-edge CLD technologies for rapid generation of stable cell line platforms 
  • Experience in evaluation of media and feeding strategies for both CLD and large scale transient gene expression
  • Proficient and hands on experience with

Molecular biology

CHO Cell biology

Transfection (stable & transient)

Single cell cloning and monoclonality documentation

Analytical method development to support CLD including ELISA and MSD

Molecular methods including qRT-PCR, gene expression and gene editing

Flow cytometry

Robotic single cell cloning methods including ClonePix and FACS

  • Experience with small scale transient expression and protein purification to help identify lead candidates for CLD.
  • Experience in large scale vector generation and quality control
  • Write technical reports and standard operating procedure to support host cell line development and cell banking to meet ICH guidelines
  • Must enjoy working in collaboration with others and in small teams to achieve goals through building relationships with co-workers












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