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Shattuck Labs, Inc. (www.shattucklabs.com) is an innovative clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of dual-sided fusion proteins as an entirely new class of biologic medicine. We believe our approach has the potential to fundamentally transform the therapeutic modulation of the immune system. We have created a novel approach to immune modulation by designing biologics with structural characteristics that are not achievable by existing therapeutic modalities. Compounds derived from our proprietary Agonist Redirected Checkpoint, or ARC®, platform simultaneously inhibit checkpoint molecules and activate costimulatory molecules within a single therapeutic. Our initial product candidates are designed to be best-in-class therapeutics addressing molecular targets that are well characterized and scientifically validated in immuno-oncology but are underexploited by current treatment modalities.


Our most advanced product candidate, SL-279252, which is being developed in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, is rationally designed to simultaneously inhibit the PD-1/PD-L1 interaction and activate the OX40 receptor. We are evaluating SL-279252 in a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with advanced solid tumors and lymphoma. Our lead, wholly owned product candidate, SL-172154, is designed to simultaneously inhibit the CD47/SIRPα checkpoint interaction to restore an anti-tumor immune response and to activate the CD40 costimulatory receptor to bolster an immune response. We are currently conducting a Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating SL-172154 in ovarian cancer patients. Additionally, we are initiating a second Phase 1 trial evaluating SL-172154 in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma as well as head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. In multiple published studies, ARC therapeutics have significantly outperformed traditional antibody-based therapeutics, and we believe that the dual-functionality of the ARC platform positions our product candidates with best-in-class potential as compared to traditional antibody therapeutics. In addition to our clinical-stage ARC product candidates, we have a deep pipeline of preclinical immuno-oncology product candidates. Longer-term, we plan to pursue additional therapeutic areas, including autoimmune diseases, where our dual-sided fusion protein platforms may provide advantages over current treatment modalities.


Shattuck’s R&D and clinical operations are based in Durham, NC, and its corporate offices are in Austin, Texas.  The Director of Strategic Marketing position will be located in the Durham office.


About the Position

The overarching goal of Shattuck’s Strategic Marketing function is to support development and future commercialization of a differentiated, full portfolio of assets aimed to meet areas of significant unmet need for cancer patients and build value for Shattuck’s shareholders.  To accomplish this goal, Shattuck needs to bring further commercial insights on the oncology market to development and prioritization of its compounds and platforms.  The Director of Strategic Marketing will be primarily responsible for 1) ensuring appropriate market knowledge and insights are leveraged appropriately to support the development of Shattuck’s pipeline of research and clinical candidates, and 2) leading Shattuck’s portfolio evaluation process to maximize the potential value of Shattuck’s portfolio and facilitate decision making.  The Director of Strategic Marketing must be able not only to participate in and lead these major cross-functional initiatives but must also effectively communicate with and influence a broad group of senior scientists and management in collaborative decision making. 



Summary of Key Responsibilities

·         Lead and further develop internal capability for market-oriented analysis of pipeline assets (including detailed analysis of targets, indications, combinations, etc.)

·         Develop segmentation analysis of patient populations in cancer indications which are relevant for Shattuck’s pipeline

·         Provide commercial insights to research, preclinical and clinical programs; including analysis to support competitive TPP & nomination of lead programs and clinical programs

·         Optimize collection and use of competitive intelligence data sources; monitor clinical environment for advances relevant to Shattuck’s current or future ARC portfolio

·         Conduct market sizing/forecasting for NPV analysis

·         Develop market-oriented communication plans / key messages for Shattuck’s lead programs

·         Develop strategic recommendations for rational and attractive out-licensing/partnering

·         Collaborate with R&D and Clinical leadership to bring commercial orientation to KOL/Ad boards

·         Lead outreach to external stakeholders such as advocacy groups or foundations who may support or benefit from Shattuck’s programs



Required Qualifications

·         Graduate degree in Science (MSc or PhD), Business (MBA), Finance or Economics or related field; candidate with undergraduate degree will also be considered with significant work experience directly and recently in the field of oncology strategic marketing

  • 5+ years of experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry
  • Experience in oncology (preferably immune oncology) drug development
  • Experience in launch or pre-launch planning for commercialization of oncology therapeutics



Required Skills

·         Knowledge of oncology diseases and the market for cancer therapeutics

·         Knowledge of drug development process and clinical trial design

·         Knowledge of oncology / immune oncology market and competitive environment

·         Experience in global market research, and/or marketing analytics, mastery of relevant forecasting, analytical, and market research concepts and frameworks

·         Knowledge of the changing payor/reimbursement and evolving data requirements 

·         Experience working in corporate partnerships

·         Ability to work effectively across a matrix environment

·         Track record of direct and indirect leadership as expressed by leading teams, indirectly influencing stakeholders, and presenting in industry forums 

·         Excellent organization, communication (written and oral) and facilitation skills 

·         Self-motivated, builds trust and operates with integrity and ethics

  • Experience communicating with oncology key opinion leaders
  • Experience communicating complex data to internal and external stakeholders
  • Experience in market segmentation/sizing in oncology settings; developing market forecasts aligned with target product profiles
  • Experience with risk-adjusted portfolio and asset valuation tools and methodologies; experience preparing inputs and interpreting results











Note to External Recruiters: Our Human Resources department manages all open positions and candidate recruitment. We kindly ask that recruiters not contact employees or hiring managers directly to present candidates or solicit business. Please note that we will consider failure to comply with this request when determining whether to enter into a professional relationship with a recruiting agency. Please also note that submission of unsolicited resumes does not create any obligations for Shattuck Labs, implied or otherwise. 

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