About Shattuck Labs

Shattuck Labs (www.shattucklabs.com) is developing breakthrough therapies for immunotherapy, which harnesses the human immune system to improve survival for patients battling cancer and inflammatory disease. Shattuck has pioneered the development of dual-sided Fc fusion proteins with the Agonist Redirected Checkpoint (ARC) platform technology. Two compounds from the platform are currently being tested in clinical trials (SL-279252 and SL-172154). In multiple published studies (Fromm et al., JITC 2018, de Silva et al., CIR 2019), ARC therapeutics have significantly outperformed traditional antibody-based therapeutics, and we believe that the dual-functionality of the ARC platform positions our product candidates with best-in-class potential as compared to traditional antibody therapeutics. Over 300 product candidates have been generated from the ARC platform and are poised for IND-enabling studies. Shattuck Labs, based in Austin, Texas, is a privately held biotechnology company founded in 2016. The R&D hub for Shattuck Labs is based in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Position Summary

Shattuck Labs is seeking a highly motivated individual that will join a dynamic R&D team in Research Triangle Park, NC to support the planning, development and execution of in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical assays for validating a novel class of therapeutics that target T-cells. The candidate must be comfortable working both independently on novel discovery-based projects and also under the supervision of the R&D team. It is expected that the individual has a strong foundation in T-cell biology and cancer research, to not only perform experiments, but also contribute knowledge and ideas to future discovery programs at Shattuck Labs.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Design and execute human and mouse T-cell based functional assays to understand the mechanism of action of novel therapeutic candidates

·       Genetically manipulate mammalian cell lines and primary immune cells with standard molecular biology techniques including Lentiviral transduction systems and genome editing technology such as CRISPR

·       Molecular characterization of candidates using ELISA, Western blot, qPCR, luciferase reporter assays, live-cell imaging, and flow cytometry/FACS based techniques

·       Design and conduct mouse in vivo experiments to validate the mechanism of action of therapeutic candidates

·       Interact with multiple colleagues in a dynamic environment and mentor junior staff

·       Be willing to take on new projects outside the ‘normal’ course of business

·       Collect and analyze data and maintain compliant records of laboratory research

·       Co-author technical documentation (abstracts, manuscripts and project reports) from basic pre-clinical development

·       Proficiently communicate research plans and findings at team, department meetings and conferences

Required Qualifications and Skills:

·       Ph.D. in Immunology/Cancer Biology with a focus on T-cell biology.

·       1-3 years of hands-on academic or industry research experience (postdoc or scientist level positions) is highly desired.

·       Experience with gamma delta T cells preferred

·       Must have the ability to multi-task to meet critical deadlines and the independent initiative to solve interdisciplinary problems.

·       Candidate must be able to thrive in a fast-paced dynamic biotech environment where flexibility, tolerability to rapid change, and drive to make a significant impact is essential.

·       Must enjoy working in collaboration with other team members within and outside the department to achieve goals through effective building of relationships.

·       Computer proficiency; MS word, excel, powerpoint, Graphpad prism, flowjo, etc


Note to External Recruiters: Our Human Resources department manages all open positions and candidate recruitment. We kindly ask that recruiters not contact employees or hiring managers directly to present candidates or solicit business. Please note that we will consider failure to comply with this request when determining whether to enter into a professional relationship with a recruiting agency. Please also note that submission of unsolicited resumes does not create any obligations for Shattuck Labs, implied or otherwise.