CAMP4  is seeking a creative and experienced Data Scientist, Non-clinical Biostatistics, who is passionate about joining a team that develops a rich pipeline of drug discovery and development programs based on its proprietary Gene Circuitry Platform.  In this position, you will report directly to the Head of Data Sciences and you will be responsible for designing and analyzing preclinical experiments, supporting the development of robust biomarkers, and leveraging statistical methods and tools to support R&D projects and therapeutic programs. You should have solid biostatistics and data science training, extensive experience with nonclinical drug discovery and development, including application of large-scale genomic data types to progress assets through to IND and into clinical development. A genuine interest in understanding drug target biology and signaling controls of transcription mechanisms are key attributes for this position. You will collaborate closely with laboratory and computational scientists in the Translational Sciences, Gene Circuitry, and Biomedical Informatics groups to ensure Camp4’s pipeline is robust and scientifically sound, promoting the development of in-house and partnered therapeutic solutions for patients in need.


In this role you will

•    Act as the statistical expert in the assigned multi-disciplinary project teams, guiding the project team in using the most efficient and innovative study designs

•     Design, analyze, interpret and report hypothesis-testing experiments in in vitro and in vivo settings

•    Provide statistical insights for the identification and selection of features from multiple genomic and epigenomic platforms, including HiChIP, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, PRO-seq, SLAM-seq, and RNA-seq.

•     Develop and evaluate statistical models for target prediction based on CAMP4’s Gene Circuitry Platform.

•    Develop statistical processes and templates, contribute to compliance policy setting and contribute to regulatory and partner interactions

•    Integrate statistical and data science methodologies to resolve mode-of-action and signaling controls of therapeutic targets and development assets

•    Work with scientists to improve existing biomarkers, and endpoints, derive new endpoints, and develop ‘fit-for-purpose’ statistical models

•    Use statistical expertise to prepare both internal and external reports, presentations and manuscripts to improve the quality of internal decision making and increase our influence on the external environment


Who You Are 

     •    Ph.D. in Statistics, Data Science, Bioinformatics, Genomics or a related field 

•    5+ years of experience with Ph.D. OR 8+ M.Sc. with prior experience years. Industry experience is a must (2+ years)

•    Deep scientific and technical expertise in the following:

·    Design of experiments, including classical, custom design, and design diagnostics

·    Linear models, mixed-effects models, and meta-analysis methods

·     Variance component analysis

·     Statistical programming in at least two of the following software or languages: R, SAS, JMP, S Plus, Python

·     Strong understanding and experience in various aspects of statistical applications in drug discovery settings

•    Proven ability to convey statistical concepts and analyses to non-statisticians in a clear and understandable way

•     Sound understanding of drug development regulations relating to statistical analysis

•    Strong written and oral communication skills and a track record of achievement in publications and/or patent applications

•    Knowledge of transcriptional regulation, epigenetics, signal transduction is preferred

•    Detail-oriented, team player mentality, good communication and troubleshooting skills

•    Passionate about realizing the potential of fundamental scientific discoveries to the bettering of patients’ lives and health


Who We Are

Founded in 2016 and focused on a core mission of realizing a world with ‘an effective treatment option for every patient,’ CAMP4 Therapeutics evolved from seminal discoveries made by company founders Dr. Richard Young and Dr. Leonard Zon, characterizing the ways in which dynamic cell signaling networks control the expression of genes. Operating at the intersection of genomics, computational biology, and data sciences, CAMP4 has extended this foundational work, creating a unique Gene Circuitry PlatformTM to amplify the value of cellular and genetic insights to better understand how genes are controlled by signaling pathways in specific disease states. By generating proprietary 4D maps, CAMP4 can identify de-risked druggable targets, produce actionable insights, and improve therapeutic predictability, potentially addressing hundreds of diseases and benefiting millions of patients globally.