Job Description

CAMP4 is seeking a Data Scientist specializing in Statistical Genetics. The successful candidate will utilize state-of-the-art statistical genetics tools and develop novel methods and strategies that interrogate the interface between human genetic variation and high-dimensional genomics datatypes, to generate focused hypotheses that drive target identification/validation and drug discovery. He/She will work closely with a team of computational biologists and data scientists, as well as experimental and translational scientists, to integrate diverse proprietary datasets and develop predictive modeling, with the goal to advance our understanding of transcriptional regulation of diseases and to discover therapeutic approaches. Reports to the Head of Data R&D. Ph.D. degree required.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate and work independently, with a team of computational biologists and data scientists to develop, iterate and execute innovative strategies for genomic data integration and modeling/prediction
  • Write code to execute data analysis, visualize and provide interpretation and context to results of analysis
  • Identify, evaluate, and apply new methodologies and emerging technologies, and develop software tools where gaps exist
  • Collaborate closely with experimental and translational scientists to ensure biological validity and clinical utility, to drive Camp4’s platform feature establishment and reciprocal optimization of methods and pharmaceutical candidates
  • Demonstrate initiative and a sense of urgency to discover medicines for unserved patients
  • Opportunity for advancement in a dynamic, research-rich and therapeutically-oriented environment, including external collaborations with industry and Academia


  • Ph.D. in Statistical Genetics, human genetics, complex trait analysis, computational genomics or equivalent
  • Industry experience or post-doctoral fellowship preferred
  • Recognized excellence as evidenced from top-tier peer-reviewed publications and references
  • Solid background in analysis and interpretation of diverse, complex trait genetic datasets.
  • Experience integrating multiple diverse sequence and omics datatypes to study disease, response or other human traits, as well as their interaction with gene regulation, biological pathway analysis and population genetics
  • Experience interrogating various next generation sequencing (NGS) datatypes, including GWAS, PhWAS, WES and WGS.
  • Experience with diverse analysis methods and tools, including Mendelian randomization, heritability analysis and bioinformatics
  • Creative, thinks out-side-the-box, in developing fit-for-purpose solutions for data needs
  • Excellent collaboration skills and ability to communicate effectively with biologists
  • Attention to detail, high professional integrity and commitment to excellence in execution
  • Passionate about realizing the potential of fundamental scientific discoveries to the bettering of patients’ lives and health


About Camp4

Founded in 2016 and focused on a core mission of realizing a world with ‘an effective treatment option for every patient,’ CAMP4 Therapeutics evolved from seminal discoveries made by company founders Dr. Richard Young and Dr. Leonard Zon, characterizing the ways in which dynamic cell signaling networks control the expression of genes. Operating at the intersection of genomics, computational biology and data sciences, CAMP4 has extended this foundational work, creating a unique Gene Circuitry PlatformTM to amplify the value of cellular and genetic insights to better understand how genes are controlled by signaling pathways in specific disease states. By generating proprietary 4D maps, CAMP4 can identify de-risked druggable targets, produce actionable insights and improve therapeutic predictability, potentially addressing hundreds of diseases and benefiting millions of patients globally.

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