Position: Product Intern

Location: Remote



At Edovo, our mission is to help everyone connected to incarceration build better lives. We’ve created a secure digital platform to expand education behind bars, reduce recidivism and to support the vocational, rehabilitation and communication needs of the 2.2 million people in jails and prisons. Users have access to thousands of hours of self-guided learning materials. Upon release, our learners have the option to continue their progress on the outside. Edovo offers courses in subjects ranging from basic literacy and GED to career exploration and cognitive behavioral therapy. We’re also building tools to keep people in touch with jobs, social services, friends, and family. Our team is committed to supporting opportunities for justice-involved people.


The Product Intern will support the content management team at Edovo make important updates to the content that our incarcerated Learners access.

The Product Intern will assist Edovo’s content management team to improve the way in which our thousands of items of educational content are cataloged in our system so that the incarcerated individuals that we serve can find relevant content easier, and make improvements to the courses themselves.  These activities will include the following.

  • Course improvements will include adding icons, informative descriptions, and creating quizzes.

  • Create learning paths from our courses and other learning resources.

  • Support our third-party content providers by creating dashboards and helping  them create content

  • Improve the metadata of our content items.


  • Prior experience working in or volunteering with organizations focused on rehabilitation, restorative justice, or social equality

  • Experience creating or editing online, multimedia content