Our company helps our clients with IT so they can focus on running their business, law firm, school, or medical practice. We also do schools and contracting work for large organizations. Big picture- We do all sorts of things from designing networks to providing ongoing maintenance; we are the company that our clients call for everything from basic pc support to hosted solutions to network management. Some clients want to push the envelope with new technologies, and some want to keep costs to a minimum.

In this role, we are onsite almost 100% of the time at multiple client locations. We typically work around 45 hours per week although sometimes we work longer and later. (In IT support, things can go crazy and we have to work late sometimes.) Our office support hours are 8AM until 6PM. I would be lying if I said those were cushy hours playing World of Warcraft or Candy Crush. That's not our day- we are busting it to help our clients and move on to the next problem. We are on call after hours for about one week every three months. On-call is no fun but on-call comes with the job

We have amazing benefits for an organization our size as well: excellent compensation, paid time off, 401K match, phone/home internet allowance, sabbatical, bereavement, and the list goes on and on. 

We are looking for great people who are excited about technology and enjoy dealing directly with clients. We're fanatics about client service, we run a responsive and professional operation, and we love what we do. (OK, we don't love it every day but most days we do.) We're not looking for people who can't handle IT issues independently or who hate working with other humans. We are looking to build our team with people who want to learn about the latest technology and want to contribute to our team. Every day is different over here and you have to learn quickly and go with it. Now for the boring requirements . . .

Basic Skills:

·        Outstanding client-facing communications and troubleshooting skills

·        Detail orientation and the discipline to do proper documentation and keep track of billable time. (This is really important. Again, this is really important.)

·        Able to handle a high-pressure environment

·        Able to operate standard office equipment and own a car which will be used to get you to and from place to place.


Technical Requirements:

·        2 or more years experience with Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple OS

·        Basic networking experience (DHCP, TC/IP, Tracert etc..)

·        Experience with setup and configuration, of Office365 

·        Experience with supporting iPad and other IOS devices

·        Experience supporting and repairing laptops. Dell laptops a plus.

Typical Physical Demands: Requires the ability to sit for long periods of time, occasionally stooping, crawling, and reaching. May be required to lift up to 60 pounds. Requires normal range of vision and hearing.


Certifications a plus: Network +, Security +, A+.

A couple of other things:  You must provide your own transportation and smartphone. Must be fun to work with. Must understand humor. If you've applied before, I've got your resume and will give you a call if it's a potential fit. If, after reading all of this, you are still awake and interested, please fill out all of the details on the right-hand side.