We are seeking a proven problem-solver with an impressive track record of leading commercial SaaS development.

  • You will collaborate with cross-functional executives to understand the product road map and guide architectural adjustments accordingly.
  • You will collaborate with product management and other stakeholders to develop functional requirements for new enhancements and strategic improvements to the system. 
  • You will design and communicate the envisioned user experience (UX) for proposed changes sufficiently for non-technical stakeholders to provide early feedback.
  • You will work with product management and your engineering leaders to lay out reasonable release schedules, then manage your resources to meet those agreed-upon deadlines.
  • You will review designs to ensure that all implementation efforts fulfill the envisioned UX in a performant, compliant, high quality manner.
  • You will support the Customer Success team in ensuring successful implementation and delivery to new clients.
  • You will make regular decisions regarding competing priorities, from development of new features to fixing bugs to supporting integration projects, and guide your engineering leaders in the most effective deployment of our incredibly talented engineers.

In short, you must be able to share and contribute to the product vision, lead the organization that brings that vision to life, and support all aspects of the company and our clients in realizing the value and potential of our SaaS solution.

The ideal candidate understands system architecture but also business needs and context; relishes solving problems through teamwork; has superior communication and interpersonal skills; can lead and work with diverse, globally distributed teams; has strong organizational abilities and attention to detail; and excels at managing competing priorities.

Due to the critical importance of accounting as a core feature of our deliverables, you must have a solid background in accounting, either educational – at least a four-year degree in accounting or a related field – or at least four years of related work experience developing accounting software.  Please do not apply for this position if you do not have the necessary background in accounting, as you will not have the necessary frame of reference to understand our clients’ primary needs and demands or how architectural and UX decisions affect those requirements.

Your technical skills and professional experience should include at least ten years experience with each of the following:

  • Software development; familiarity with three-tier and web application architectures is a must
  • Software architecture and design; you should have led the design for at least two major projects, including at least one accounting-related system
  • SaaS development; familiarity with AWS is a plus
  • Management; you must have experience managing teams of both onshore and offshore engineers