We are seeking a high-motor individual with a strong ability to multi-task and creative problem-solving skills.  To remain calm in the chaos, you must have an unflappable nature, excellent interpersonal skills, and the desire to be helpful.

  • You will serve as front-line support triage.  This means you will be subjected to an unpredictable stream of e-mail traffic from both external client stakeholders and internal users.  Any such e-mail will mean stopping what you are doing to review the e-mail and determine the severity of what has been reported/requested.  If warranted (severity 1), you will then immediately escalate to your manager for immediate action.
  • For tickets which are not severity 1, you will assess the ticket to determine if it represents a routine task which you can perform, or if it needs to be assigned to another team (Technology Services or Subject Matter Experts) within the organization.
  • You will serve as the traffic director, routing tickets in our ticket tracking system from Triage to other queues, with a measured goal of having all tickets either triaged (and thus assigned to a different queue) or resolved within 24 hours.
  • You will serve as front-line IT support for our organization.  Users will contact you for password problems, Windows issues, and the usual litany of user challenges.
  • You will be responsible for provisioning equipment for new employees, configuring laptops to standard specifications and managing the provisioning process for accounts through third party service providers.

Because you will be fielding a constant barrage of requests, you must have excellent skills at prioritization – recognizing what is significant and impactful vs. what is merely inconvenient.  You must be the consummate diplomat; able to firmly but politely manage expectations for resolution, and patient enough to find ways to explain solutions to users who fail to understand the first three times.

You will be working with an amazing team of people – both technical and non-technical – in a fast-growing company with an exciting future.  This is expected  to be a growth position; demonstrate your talents, perform well, and there may be multiple paths and opportunities for advancement.

Due to the critical importance of accounting as a core feature of our deliverables, you must have some background in accounting, either educational – at least two semesters of accounting coursework – or at least two years of related work experience.  Please do not apply for this position if you do not understand the fundamentals of bookkeeping and financial statements, as you will not be in position to accurately assess the importance of a reported discrepancy on a financial report, for example.

Your technical skills and professional experience should include at least three years experience with each of the following:

  • Software maintenance; familiarity with Java, PL/SQL, and Javascript is a must
  • Microsoft administration, including Windows 10, Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, and Sharepoint; experience assisting Mac users with use of Microsoft products is a plus
  • Network troubleshooting; experience with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is a plus

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