Job Description

The Warehouse Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing various aspects of warehouse operations, including inventory management, product movement scheduling, stock level maintenance, and overall warehouse efficiency. This role will require strong communication skills, attention to detail, technical proficiency, and the ability to adhere to our core values.


Job Responsibilities


    1. Manage Warehouse Inventory and Database:
      • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of inventory.
      • Regularly update the warehouse database to reflect current stock levels.
    2. Coordinate and Schedule the Movement of Products:
      • Work closely with the Warehouse Manager to plan and schedule the movement of products as efficiently as possible.
      • Ensure timely shipping and receiving of goods to meet customer demand.
    3. Assist with Stock Level Maintenance:
      • Monitor stock levels and collaborate with the team to order or release products accordingly.
      • Implement measures to prevent overstock or stockouts.
    4. Manage Daily Flow of Finished Product:
      • Modify storage space as needed to optimize the use of warehouse resources.
      • Ensure that products are stored and organized efficiently to facilitate quick retrieval.
    5. Identify and Report Slow-Moving Stock:
      • Regularly review inventory data and report on slow-moving or obsolete stock items.
      • Recommend removal or alternative solutions for handling slow-moving stock.
    6. Manual Handling, Repacking, and Restacking:
      • Perform manual handling, repacking, or restacking of pallets when necessary.
      • Ensure that finished products are stored securely and safely.
    7. Operate Forklift Truck:
      • Operate a forklift truck as needed to move and transport products within the warehouse.
      • Maintain forklift equipment in good working condition and follow safety protocols.



Required Qualifications


      • High School Diploma
      • ·     Strong Mechanical/Technical aptitude - technical proficiency, including a general knowledge of freight operations.



      • Strong customer relationship building experience
      • Ability to be available and flexible for external and internal customers/staff
      • Reliability/Dependability is a must
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


·         Thorough understanding of warehouse policies and procedures.

·         Good analytical skills and the ability to make informed judgments related to inventory.


Preferred Qualifications


      • Technician experience
      • Background knowledge of STH products





·         401(k)

·         Medical, Dental, and Vision

·         Life Insurance

·         Paid Time Off

·         Flexible work environment

·         Competitive wages 



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