• High School Diploma or equivalent; Bachelor’s degree preferred
• Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) or Accredited Resident Manager (ARM)
• Must be able to use the following equipment: telephone, fax machine, computer (and property software as well as Microsoft Office), copy machine, and business calculator
• Must have basic knowledge of Fair Housing Laws and OSHA requirements
• 3 to 5 years on-site as a Community Manager of an apartment community
The following are essential job accountabilities:
1. Financial management and general administration
a. Prepare annual budgets and income projections, prepare Action and Marketing Plan and ensure they are implemented
b. Provide monthly written evaluation of income and expense line items that are significantly over budget
c. Provide Capital improvement suggestions for future of site
d. Check approval of all invoices for payment
e. Maintain accurate records of all property transactions (i.e. rent rolls, delinquency reports, etc.)
f. Plan for and utilize property resources, equipment and supplies economically (i.e. obtaining bids/pricing from vendors, suppliers and contractors, dealing with inadequate service, etc.)
g. Give direction to and monitor maintenance, construction, and rehabilitation activities to ensure quality and expediency (i.e. “walk” units to ensure make ready and work orders are completed)
h. Assist with emergency team for properties; ensure proper response and handling of all property emergencies with staff, residents, buildings, etc. within company guidelines to minimize liability
2. Major Contracts (If Community Manager or Maintenance Supervisor is unavailable or incapable):
a. Interview Contractors and accept bids to be presented to owners or upper management depending on contract amount
b. Monitor all proposals and contracts for large projects at sites and check work in progress
c. Seek permission for excessive amounts (over $1,000)
d. Provide marketing strategy to generate rentals or for rent increases
e. Be responsible to assist with creative and responsive advertising
f. Assist with marketing needs
g. Attend Regional Supervisor Meetings and any other meetings/seminars pertaining to property management
h. Assist with Property Inspection
3. Personnel Management
a. Oversee Site Team (i.e. Listen to, Counsel and Resolve all Personnel problems to the best of your ability)
b. Evaluations and counseling statements for Community Manager
c. Assist, if needed, with evaluations and counseling statements for other personnel
d. Prepare request for salary increase for Community Manager and assist with other team members if necessary; sign off on all requests from the site
e. Ensure all counseling statements, written evaluations, and salary requests are provided for review to Regional Vice President and delivered to the Human Resource department
f. Ensure all required documentation for all of the above is available
g. Monitor all employee interviews, hiring and terminations; use consistent techniques & company directives to screen, hire, orient, & train new personnel
h. Approve all time sheets and ensure hours indicated are correct, vacation and sick time reported and signatures available
i. Ensure effectiveness of staff through ongoing training, coaching, counseling, and guidance
j. Deal effectively and consistently with performance problems; document adequately, communicate with Regional Vice President and HR, and terminate appropriately when necessary
k. Promote harmony and quality job performance of staff through support and effective leadership
l. Ensure staff compliance and consistency with company policies and procedures
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