Multiomics Health Research Associate

Who We Are:

ARK is a global investment manager focused solely on investing in disruptive innovation that is changing the way the world works. Majority Owner, Catherine D. Wood, founded ARK in 2014 on the belief that innovation is key to growth. Rooted in over 40 years of experience, ARK aims to identify large-scale investment opportunities in the public and private markets resulting from technological innovations centered around genome sequencing, robotics, artificial intelligence, energy storage, and blockchain technology. We invest in the leaders, enablers, and beneficiaries of disruptive innovation.

ARK manages and sub advises long-only global equity portfolios across a variety of investment vehicles, including a suite of exchange traded funds (ETFs), a venture fund, mutual funds, and separately managed accounts. Our investments are backed by an open research ecosystem designed to identify innovations with the potential for long-term growth.  ARK has greater than $20 billion assets under management.

ARK is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities for all employees and strives to maintain an environment free of discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information, military or veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship, or any other protected category or characteristics as defined by federal, state, or local laws. If you want to learn more, please visit our “Philosophy” page to understand how ARK differs from traditional investment firms. We also encourage you to meet the ARK team and follow us on Twitter.


*This is a Full-Time position in our St. Petersburg, FL Corporate Office.


What You Will Do:

We expect you to perform high quality work to support our multiomics strategy. You will learn about and conduct original analysis on innovative technologies, while supporting and providing coverage of companies in your research area. Your work will directly inform our investment decisions, so your success is our success.

The rapid cost-decline of next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) combined with unrelenting improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) has spawned incredible advances in molecular diagnostics and novel therapeutic modalities. Despite these powerful inventions, healthcare technology has a distribution problem. For these technologies to become standards of care, we believe they must become more integrated with digital health companies. That’s where you come in.


·       Support ARK’s portfolios by combining top-down thematic research and bottom-up fundamental analysis to identify investment opportunities.

·       Work closely with ARK’s multiomics team to identify innovative technologies, model the growth rates and sizes of new markets, estimate unit economics, and assess the competitive landscape.

·       Research and identify undervalued and innovative public and private companies in the healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, synthetic biology, and other life-science-related industries. Form investment recommendations based on your research to share with ARK’s Analysts, Directors of Research, Chief Futurist, and CEO & CIO.

·       Meet experts on your research topics through Twitter, conferences, ARK calls, or other channels and engage with them, learn from them, and share ARK’s published research.

·       Actively gather feedback on your work through Twitter and other online platforms.


Who You Are:

·       You’re a technological expert. You believe in the power of technology to create a better future for humanity. You want to play a role in realizing and supporting that future.

·       You have decent programming or data science chops. You can use scripting languages and analytics tools to scrape, analyze, visualize, and communicate data.

·       You’re driven by your innate curiosity. You likely found ARK because your interests and ours converged. Because you follow the industry as closely as we do, you’re already quite knowledgeable about one or more of the technologies we cover.

·       You enjoy quantitative analysis—collecting data, transforming it, and using it as the backbone of your forecasts. You don’t have to be a finance wizard, just have a willingness to learn on the fly.

·       You’re a fabulous storyteller. You combine quantitative analysis, historical analogies, and cultural and user- centric considerations to form compelling narratives about how companies and technologies could evolve. Your writing would not look out of place on Wired or The Information.

·       You’re an independent thinker. You probably diverge from the mainstream, but you aren’t merely contrarian. You are interested only in finding the truth. Your strong conviction is balanced by a healthy dose of humility.

·       You’re not just an analyst, you’re a builder. You want to find ways to scale ARK as a company, guide its culture, and push us in new directions we’ve not yet considered.

·       If this description doesn’t fit you, but you have something unique to offer, please apply anyway.

How to Apply

The best way for us to get to know you is through examples of your work. This may be a blog, presentation, podcast, newsletter, or tweetstorm. If you don’t have an example of your work, we’d encourage you to create one. Please also tell us about yourself, why you want to work at ARK, and tell us about a technology that you are interested in and why it is interesting.

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