Familiar with processes such as:

Issue tools;

calibrate and maintain status of calibration on special tools and equipment;

insure tools and equipment returned are clean and working properly; maintain inventory of components of calibrated equipment;

turn-in unsafe or unserviceable tools and equipment;

maintain required supplies for tool room operation; properly label packages and include inventory list,

project code and value; prepare shipping documentation; file shipping documents and inventory listings of shipped items;

log outgoing shipments;

assist in research and preparation of requisitioning documents for supplies and "Off-Line" requisitions; prepare supply request documentation; order parts,material and equipment for stock, maintenance and projects;

document requisitions in Register and Record of Demands;

maintain accountability of recoverable items; turn-in and maintain records of excess or unserviceable parts and equipment;

order, record and attain materials and/or equipment; maintain and distribute administrative supply stocks;

document and ship Warranty Repair Items;

maintain and record cancellations, modifications and status of requisitioning documents;

do lateral searches of parts;

issue documented supplies to maintenance personnel;

document supply requests; maintain warehouse stock by ordering supplies;

maintain and inventory warehouse stock;

prepare requisitions for documentation on monthly reports;

maintain safety practices cleanliness of supply accountable areas;

issue documented request furnished by maintenance personnel of POL products;

document requisitions on supply inventory;

adequately stock POL products on board;

requisition POL products and maintain inventory of POL stock;

maintain safety practices and cleanliness of POL storage building; receive, document and distribute supplies;

pick up and turn in parts and requisitions for parts;

make special pickups and deliveries.

High School Diploma or GED equivalent required.  College degree preferred, in Computer Science or other Scientific Technical Discipline.  

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