Internship Responsibilities: 

  • Design, test, and deploy new remote-access VPN gateway

This project will enable UltiSat staff to remotely access our corporate and operations networks.  Currently, we use an obsolete Cisco VPN technology that still functions but is no longer supported.  The project would begin with analysis of the options supported by UltiSat’s network infrastructure, continue with a detailed design and lab implementation, and culminate with the deployment and transition of the selected VPN gateway in the production UltiSat network.  Some of UltiSat’s customers also use remote-access VPN to access customer-facing portals and content management and workflow systems.


  • Design, test, and deploy dynamic routing within and between company locations

Much of the UltiSat infrastructure is simulated in a lab in which we test customer services before deploying them.  This project will start with adding any missing infrastructure to the lab network.  Once the lab network is up-to-date, the dynamic IP routing renovations would be designed, documented, and tested in the lab.  Following successful test and review, the final phase of the project is to deploy the renovations into the production UltiSat networks and to verify correct function.  This is an important project that will facilitate easier customer-network integration into UltiSat’s operations.


  • Evaluate new satellite networking technologies

UltiSat’s core business is providing managed network services to customers around the world.  Often these customer locations are in remote locations that do not have terrestrial infrastructure to provide voice, data, and Internet communications services.  UltiSat uses several different satellite networking technologies to reach these remote customer locations.  There are many different suppliers for IP networking over satellite, and UltiSat must evaluate new satellite products to meet future customer demands.  Initially, these product evaluations would be done in lab settings, but attractive new technologies may also be tested over the air.  This project will require knowledge and implementation of RF design and IP network engineering.


  • Create lab infrastructure for using virtual router instances instead of physical routers in test networks and for simulating customer traffic

Many of UltiSat’s customer networks have many several remote sites.  It is difficult to simulate this in a lab environment using physical routers and other remote-location equipment.  Additionally, generating sufficient customer traffic to adequately test these complex IP networks in the lab is difficult to do today.  UltiSat needs a lab infrastructure that is based on virtualization of the routers and related remote equipment so that networks of 10’s to 100’s of remotes can be quickly provisioned.  This project would use VMware vSphere, Cisco virtual routers, and open-source tools and projects to create large networks with simulated customer traffic and satellite delays.  This is an important capability that will require many different engineering disciplines—IP networking, virtualization, software engineering—to create an easy to use, extensible lab infrastructure.

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