CES is seeking Program Coordinators who will be responsible for managing daily operations related to the performance of work on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products (CTP). Project Coordinators/Back-Up Project Coordinators will be responsible for coordinating daily operations related to Inspector and Minor performance of work on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) contract to enforce tobacco compliance with federal regulations, to include undercover purchases. PCs/BPCs must possess strong leadership and management skills as the majority of project goals/benchmarks will be their responsibility along with maintaining staff working within the jurisdiction. PC/BPCs will need to coordinate with Program Assistants (PAs) to ensure the project team is aiming for and reaching the same goals.

Job Duties:

  • Collaborates with Back-Up Program Coordinators (BPCs) to manage the support staff's coordination of work schedules and assignments for Inspectors and Minors

  • Provides coaching and training in the research and identification of recruitment resources for Inspectors and Minors within jurisdictions assigned

  • Reviews summaries of candidate’s attributes with respect to the

  • Assist with identifying recruitment resources/personnel

  • Enroll and process Inspectors/Minors to include paperwork, identification badges, cell phone equipment

  • Assign tobacco inspections to inspection teams

  • Review inspection reports returned from the field

  • Secure and log evidence received from violations

  • Provide monthly reports to FDA and Project Manager Audit invoices

  • Ensure budget/volumes are properly maintained throughout the contract life cycle

  • Document potential risks (immunity, minor safety, etc.) associated with the specific jurisdiction

  • Interact with the Contracting Officers Representative (COR) on a regular or as needed basis

  • Understand and able to oversee Program Assistant responsibilities and perform these tasks on an as needed basis

  • Assist in the hiring process and on-boarding of new staff

  • Provide training for staff as required/needed

  • Ensure all deliverables are meet

  • Oversees the enrollment and processing of Inspectors/Minors to include paperwork, identification badges, cell phones and other equipment

  • Ensures that training program is administered to all incoming staff

  • Audits payroll files for Inspector and Minor payout

  • Develop invoice back-ups on a monthly basis

  • Analyzes data metrics to assist with forecasts

  • Provides weekly jurisdiction updates

  • Track project milestones

  • Creates high quality Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents

  • Oversees identification and selection of retailers for inspection

  • Reviews online research summaries for potential retailers

  • Place phone calls to verify retailer information

  • Distribute and track government property, manages evidence analysis and delivery

  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree

  • 2+ years of management experience in related field OR experience performing tobacco inspections

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (specifically Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

  • Previous experience working on sensitive projects, as well as handling confidential information a plus

  • Familiarity with database management

  • Ability to meet aggressive deadlines

  • Ability to take on responsibilities, innovate solutions, and manage conflicting priorities with minimal guidance

  • Ability to prioritize and provide accurate follow up on all issues and correspondence

  • Able to pass a background check


  • This is a full-time position with benefits.

    Job Location - Rockville, MD

  • Travel may be required as necessary, with prior approval. All necessary travel expenses are reimbursable via GSA standards

  • Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled.

  • For more information about CES, please visit www.cesnb.com.

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