FraudScope is an AI-assisted platform that accelerates the identification of fraud, waste, and abuse in Healthcare which costs the nation $270B annually. FraudScope has won numerous startup competitions and is currently an ATDC Signature company. We are rapidly growing and seeking exceptional talent to achieve our goal of ensuring that our scarce healthcare dollars go to real patient care.

Job Description  

We are seeking a talented data scientist with experience in statistical data analytics, working with advanced machine learning algorithms, and solving complex problems. We have built a web-based application that is supported by a large dataset of healthcare data, where various reports are made available to users that have results generated by a variety of machine learning algorithms. The main roles of the data scientist are thus to:

- Lead the creation of new detection solutions driven by exploratory data analysis from complex and disparate healthcare datasets

- Execute analytical approaches to design, develop, and evaluate methodologies and advanced algorithms that result in the extraction of optimal value from data

- Investigate various data, technologies, and methodologies to determine their applicability in solving current problems

- Keep abreast of developments within machine learning and apply where appropriate

- Enhance and maintain the repository that contains all the algorithms and code that constitute the AI engine of the platform

- Work both independently and in a team

Required technical skills:  

- MS or PhD in a relevant discipline (Math, Statistics, Computer Science or Engineering)

- Experience with the design, implementation, and evaluation of statistical predictive models using large datasets

- Software development experience in Python

- Expert familiarity with machine learning technologies

Other Requirements/Preferences: 

- Several years of experience in advanced analytics  

- Familiarity with the use of cloud computing platforms (e.g., Amazon Web Services)  

- Experience with large-scale data processing technologies 

- Experience with healthcare data 

- Experience using SQL or other database query languages 

- Experience using C or C++

- Proficiency working in a Linux environment 

- Authorization to work in the USA  

- Position in Midtown - Atlanta, GA (no remote)