The Junior Media Buyer contributes to our media buying team while also creating and managing partnerships with key platforms to buy digital media, develop and drive media strategies, and execute business critical user acquisition campaigns.

Reports to: Senior Media Buyer


·         Digital media buying using major display and search networks to drive traffic to proprietary sites.

·         Own all steps of the ad operations process.

·         Text and display creative creation, split testing, and optimization.

·         Assist with performance reporting and post-campaign insight reports.

·         Source level CPA optimizations to hit product LTV and ROI targets.

·         Monitor ad and landing page performance via Google Analytics.

·         Proactively optimize purchased media through A/B testing, landing page optimization, and targeting.

·         Complete other duties, tasks and activities as they arise.


·         Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, etc. or equivalent experience

·         Experience running ad campaigns on at least one of the following display and search advertising mediums – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, etc.

·         Proficient with Excel (Pivot tables, Data Visualization, VLOOKUP, SUMIF, etc.)

·         Excellent interpretive skills, allowing the candidate to understand and make recommendations to improve our business

·         Must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to establish, develop, and maintain business relationships.

·         Creative: Ability to generate new out of the box ideas.

·         Analytical: Ability to analyze key metrics to optimize campaigns and reduce cost per user.

·         Adaptable: Capable of adjusting to changing priorities, sometimes daily.

·         Resourceful: Great at solving unstructured problems with little to no supervision in a fast-paced, high stakes environment.

·         Team Player: Demonstrates a strong ability to contribute to the business along with business unit team members and managers; establish collaborative relationships with peers.


Candidates will be considered in totality of their skills and experience versus strict interpretation of “requirements.”