Traffic, as an agency function, controls the flow of projects, schedules and deliverables to ensure that every role understands and is accountable for their tasks. The role of the Traffic Coordinator supports the Traffic Management and Studio Manager function of the agency.

Job Responsibilities

  • The Traffic Coordinator ensures agency communication and job consistency by carefully monitoring workflow, deliverables and deadlines.
  • Develop a mastery understanding of Traffic Management tools such as Teamgantt, Teamwork Projects and other platforms as we expand/adjust systems and workflows.
  • Checks initial Job Creation for accuracy and requests additional information (if needed)
  • Communicates daily with Account Service and Creative/Digital in support of initiatives set daily with the Studio Manager
  • Maintains and revises project timelines and schedules. As projects evolve, the traffic coordinator ensures that every schedule and milestone reflects the latest information and works with the Studio Manager to ensure it is updated in all systems across all functions.
  • Continually monitors jobs throughout the Traffic Process including:
    • Expediting rush jobs
    • Monitoring stalled jobs and moving them forward
    • Monitoring information flow through all departments – accuracy/information check at each revision
    • Issuing appropriate reminders about due dates
    • Proofreading each version
    • Obtaining internal approvals on all work moving in and out of the agency
    • Obtaining specs, closing and delivery details when not otherwise provided
    • Creating and distributing weekly Traffic Reports that have been reviewed and approved by the Studio Manager
    • Coordinating with Account Service on the close/completion of a job, and ensuring that jobs are marked as Complete and archived within 30 days of completion.
    • Maintain out of office/PTO calendar
  • Under the supervision of the Studio Manager, participating in weekly (and/or daily) Traffic Meetings with Account Service, updating Traffic Board/Report. Subsequent meetings with individual Account people for long-term project planning and time sensitive/critical jobs. Capturing and distributing meeting recaps to the entire team.
  • Approaches everything with a positive, can-do attitude and firmly dedicated to the best interest of the agency and our clients acting as a bridge between Account Service and Creative functions.
  • Other Special Projects as assigned by the Studio Manager, CD or CEO.

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