(Pre-requisite: You must have agency experience and be a natural storyteller.)

Hi! We're looking for a smart person with a way with words. We're not looking for people who can pop out a pithy 15-word social post. We're looking for people who can read a creative brief, deconstruct it, go research the audience, and find some nugget of gold to tell a compelling story and move someone. To do that in the B2B space, you've got to believe there is a person (not a business) reading your words and connect with them. You need a LOT of words in your arsenal, but then you have to know which ones NOT to use to make the biggest impact.  

We are seeking Atlanta area applicants only...and we aren't interested in job hoppers. If you change jobs every year, you won't be the type of person that is sticky at Modo Modo.

We're a company that wants to keep and grow with our people. We don't want to build your book. We want to build you...and through that elevate our client's work and grow our business.

To apply you must:

  • Respond to this with a cover letter & salary requirements
  • Have a portfolio of copy that includes B2B work we can review

Job Requirements:

  • Develop copy for clients in complex industries. Complex doesn't mean boring. Copy deliverables may include positioning guides/messaging guides, websites, video scripts, ads, the CEO's keynote speech, a sales presentation, blogs/articles, emails, collateral.
  • Demonstrate comfort with and interest in complex offerings. If you're afraid of the subject matter, you won't find the person we're speaking to and develop a narrative.
  • Find our client's voice and speak with it consistently and appropriately in different mediums.
  • Do independent copy research on competitors, markets, products, and customers/prospects, etc. to refine differentiating and interesting narratives.
  • Copyediting/proofreading of materials (yours and others) not just for accuracy, but also for active voice, appropriate tone and style, and effectiveness at persuasion/education/etc.
  • Participate in client meetings and conference calls to hear directly from the client and ask pertinent questions that enable you to find a differentiating hook and uncover hidden gems in a story.
  • Work with CD & Traffic team to ensure that all copy deliverables, kick-off sessions, and copy edits are routed per our processes and completed on time.
  • Compile a binder with key preferences, rules of thumb, important facts, etc. for key clients, including the things that a secondary or freelance writer might need to know at a client/product level.
  • Demonstrate results-oriented, benefits-oriented writing instincts.
  • Approach all items above with a positive, can-do attitude.
  • Sprinkling happiness, humor, and rainbows throughout the office daily.