ClinIntell is a Tampa-based severity-reporting data analytics company with a rapidly expanding customer base of acute-care hospital clients across the United States.


We are the only clinical documentation improvement (CDI) software analytics firm in the industry that has the “expected” value for severity reporting. The “expected” value comes from our proprietary algorithms that have been in development for close to a decade. 

ClinIntell is hiring for an immediate product associate position within the company to support its growth and the product’s success in the marketplace.


**This position requires a face-to-face interview at our offices in Tampa, FL. Candidates must be available to interview and work/relocate to Tampa, FL. This is not a remote position.


The key to delivering more value to our clients is through innovation driven by as many employees as possible. The large established companies in the CDI industry have a poor track record of innovation and client success management, and success going forward will require hiring exceptional individuals with the potential to succeed in an entrepreneurial, demanding, and rewarding environment. 

At the highest level, ClinIntell is: 

  • Hiring individuals who possess certain traits outlined below and an ownership mentality that will enable them to impact the value of the business at time of acquisition. 
  • Building an environment with the right incentives and resources to enable them to contribute accordingly (e.g., performance-based cash bonuses and payouts at the liquidity event). 


We aim to provide an environment where employees with the relevant skills can deliver more value than they can at most other companies as well as significant additional value in the long-term by focusing on innovation. This means that the employee would always think about ways to do what they are doing today more efficiently, with higher quality, and/or with greater value delivered to our clients through technology. This does not mean innovation is solely identified by “management” but originates from the individual that is closest to the work. Innovation is not limited to being tech related. Any employee finding a more efficient way to accomplish any task that benefits our business or clients could be considered innovation.


The culture at ClinIntell promotes free will, creativeness in an intense, fast paced environment, a focus on client value with substantial monetary rewards for growing the pie. The performance bonuses and payouts at the liquidity event given based on value contributed are central to the company’s success. 



  • Be proficient on ClinIntell’s concepts, value proposition, web, and mobile applications. 
  • Work with team members to develop branded training materials (written instructions, videos scripts, etc.) to increase customer's ClinIntell product knowledge. 
  • Collaborate to identify opportunities to improve both internal and external processes for a better user experience with the product. 
  • Lead and manage projects from requirements definition through deployment, identifying schedules, scopes, budget estimations, and implementation plans, including risk mitigation. 


Required Skills and Qualifications 

  • Driven, self-starter who conceives of and works with team members to improve the ClinIntell brand and product. 
  • An independent learner with a passion for knowledge applicable to adding value to the business via your specific skillsets. 
  • Adaptability in a rapidly changing and challenging environment, meet deadlines, and effectively collaborate and communicate with peers within the organization. 
  • Organizational and project management skills. Able to prioritize, complete or make progress on multiple tasks, and follow through to achieve strategic goals. 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with strong attention to details.
  • Internally motivated to learn about new technologies like the ClinIntell web application, Zendesk and LearnUpon. 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite. 
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