Who We Are

Founded in 2013, ReserveBar is the established e-commerce leader in rare, luxury, and ultra-premium spirits, specializing in customization, personalization, and innovative gifting. In addition to its unique and seamless consumer-facing experience, ReserveBar is a technology platform at its core, utilizing cutting-edge software, analytics, and an exceptional retail network to deploy solutions that simplify the compliant purchase of spirits, wine, and champagne on reservebar.com as well as numerous partner sites including brands, publishers, e-commerce partners, and gifting platforms. Join our rapidly growing team working to help customers discover their new favorite cocktail or send the ultimate engraved gift.

About the Role

As VP or Director of Engineering, our technology leadership will advocate for you to possess a true sense of autonomy, purpose, and mastery of the technology concerns of ReserveBar. You will contribute your deep experience and wisdom to the successes and failures of developing and maintaining high availability and infinitely scalable secure applications. You are a highly competent technologist who can provide strongly reasoned and learned arguments for and against certain architectures, data stores, implementations, tech stack selections, and build versus buy decisions. You will have extreme knowledge of Ruby and Rails, be able to write Rails DSLs and interfaces for other engineers, be fluent in various design concepts, environments, and practices and be able to write architect-level code in these languages. You have a strong mind for designing architecture and code that is rigid, robust, and resilient and will be able to mentor engineers to write code that is whole, complete, and true to design. You have the ambition and confidence to fully engineer, maintain, and scale special technology features and products yourself when the right moment calls for it.

Expectations and Deliverables
  • Hands on player-coach mentality.
  • Strong background in agile methodologies and ability to mentor others in their use;
  • Oversees engineering staff and ensures that they meet goals and objectives.
  • Ensure and strengthen coding standards and style guides for uniformity and scale in domain driven tech environment.
  • Playing an active role in our recruiting process, helping us grow our engineering team;
  • Act as a strategist and champion for enterprise architecture and design principles;
  • Ensure adherence to continuous improvement practices as required to meet quality and time to market imperatives;
  • Compliance in cybersecurity protocols and best practices.
  • Set and meet projected deadlines.
  • Conducts performance evaluations that are timely and constructive.
  • Provides training and mentoring as needed.
  • Functional and performance simulation of full interconnect solution using both transaction-level and processor/software-driven models;
  • Ensure compliance to org tech policies across infrastructure in the full tech topography.
  • Strong familiarity with most of Typescript, NodeJs, React, PostgreSQL, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, CircleCi, CI/CD Pipelines;
  • Work closely with Product Dept to design and architect major customer features;
  • Directly reports to SVP of Tech & Product.
  • Report on the status of development, quality, operations, and system performance.
  • Managing off-site contractors;
  • Develop tools to improve our ability to rapidly deploy and effectively monitor custom applications in cloud-hosted GCP and AWS, Cloudflare, environments;
  • Development and deployment of new product features to facilitate rapid iteration and constant growth;
  • Ensure that the team understands the “why” behind ReserveBar’s plans, and are inspired to realize the company’s vision;
  • Review new and existing systems design projects and procurement or outsourcing plans for compliance with standards and architectural plans;
  • Modern SQL and NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL, Redis, or MongoDB…).

Reasons to Love ReserveBar

      Remote Work – We are proud to offer remote work options for employees

      Healthy work-life balance – Our people are highly engaged and passionate about their work. We highly value work/life and want you to balance work and family

      Incredible Team – We surround ourselves with talented, professional, and friendly team members who strive to go above and beyond expectations