Manufacturing Engineer

Full Time | Morrisville, NC

Keel Labs™ is a platform for innovation, broadening our vision for the potential of the ocean to accelerate our planet’s development towards a more sustainable future. Driven by the exploration of novel resources from the ocean, Keel Labs™ functions as a hub for the next generation of climate-focused solutions derived from nature.

Keel Labs is looking for a talented and motivated individual to join our manufacturing and engineering team to assist with the development of polymeric fiber manufacturing processes and equipment. Our employees gain a unique and fulfilling experience by developing and executing hands-on approaches to sustainably-minded strategies in a dynamic start-up environment. Our team members benefit from a small, close-knit working environment as all facets of our business are done collaboratively in our shared facilities.


  • Provide both hands-on expertise in process and product development 

  • Assist with scale up process from lab to pilot to production using expertise in fiber manufacturing concepts

  • Work closely with lab team to translate new discoveries into scalable solutions

  • Design and integrate manufacturing processes used at commercial scales into smaller scale production

  • Provide technical support to improve process efficiency and product quality for spinning fibers

  • Collaborate with cross-functional team members to adhere to company deadlines and timelines

  • Collaborate with cross-functional team members to discuss and plan for future manufacturing and production needs

  • Establish and maintain communication and feedback look with customer development team

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced team environment and remain flexible and open-minded

  • Strong management skills to oversee a broad set of tasks and projects

  • Establish regular communication strategies with other team members and third party facilities 

  • Translate key goals and KPIs from management in to project plans and actionable items

  • Develop SOPs and systems to catalog and track data

Required Skills:

  • Must have experience and know-how related to fiber production and manufacturing

  • Experience in developing and scaling new products

  • Experience in troubleshooting and understanding of cause-effect relations between process inputs and product specifications

  • Ability to work resourcefully using a mix of outsourced and in-house fabrication methods

  • Proficient in technical drawing and operating procedural writing

  • Understanding of statistical methods and associated statistical analysis software

  • Ability to handle confidential business information

  • Self-starter who can work independently 

  • Ability to learn new skills and problem solve

  • Professional, detail-oriented, and excellent in time management

  • Team player with a positive attitude

  • Previous experience with Microsoft Office and Google Suite


  • Prior experience with wet spinning desired

  • Proficient in CAD, preferably Solidworks

  • Demonstrated experience with six sigma and lean fundamentals preferred

  • Knowledge/background inp environments

  • A passion for sustainability and circular economies 

Job Details:

Qualification: Bachelor's or higher degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or  relevant disciplines

3+ years of professional experience with manufacturing procedures

Employment: Full-time

Location: Morrisville, NC

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