Carondelet High School (About us) is looking for a full-time Resource Specialist and Academic Counselor.  The Resource Specialist is part of a team collaboratively working to create an environment where all students are provided the resources they need to succeed at Carondelet.   The Resource Specialist works closely with Carondelet High School’s students, parents/guardians, faculty and staff, community stakeholders, and outside professionals to help meet the various needs and challenges that relate to academic and learning success.  The Resource Specialist will also be responsible for coordinating services for all students with learning challenges as well as identifying students who should be tested and who do not currently have an Ed Plan.  The Resource Specialist embodies the school’s core values and works to accomplish the school’s mission. 

Essential Responsibilities 

As Counselor

  • Is the lead person for all matters related to students on their caseload and are responsible for monitoring progress in all courses and proactively communicating with faculty, student, and family as needed

  • Seeks out students at risk of failing and/or with a GPA of 2.4 or lower who may need support even if they do not necessarily have a learning difference and act as their Academic Support Counselor for success

  • Proactively identifies students in the community who may need to be tested for learning differences 

  • Acts as liaison between parent guardians and public school district personnel for the request of formal outside assessments

  • Recommends and works with tutors, psycho-educational evaluators, and outside Learning Specialist/personnel as needed for students that require additional ongoing support

  • Creates and documents academic support to students identified as having learning challenges or exceptional learners to include classroom accommodations, learning aids, management of extended time for testing.  Supportsoom teachers in the implementation of the plan.

  • Effectively develops programs/curricular supports to provide academic support for all students

  • Evaluates critical success and areas of improvement of the Academic and Learning Support program, and works on promoting methods toward continuous improvement of the program

  • Establishes, documents, and maintains important information and confidential student files with frequent communication to parent guardians and their teachers when deemed appropriate about the students’ academic, social, and emotional needs

  • The academic and learning support team collaborates in reviewing admissions folders of students with documented learning differences in consultation with the VP for Academics and Director of Enrollment to establish course placement, schedules, and set-up needed accommodations

  • Meets with parent/guardians, elementary school officials, and/or faculty and staff of incoming ninth-grade students to formulate plans toward a smooth transition to Carondelet High School

  • When necessary, meets with the appropriate teacher(s) and department chairs to ensure the transition and assimilation of all new students

  • Provides ongoing education and support for parent guardians regarding students with learning difficulties

As Resource Specialist

  • Plans and teaches ed supports for students needing extensive academic support in order to progress in all Carondelet courses

  • Assists teachers in classrooms to help adjust, accommodate, and enrich curricular methodologies that improve pedagogy for students with learning differences and needs

  • Designs and implements appropriate instruction to facilitate learning and growth

  • Proactively provides support and training to faculty and staff who work with students identified as having learning needs

  • Makes professional development a priority and shares out new learning with faculty and staff when appropriate

  • Remains current with accepted and appropriate instructional theory, practice, and research, including engaging in strategic professional development to advance the role as a resource for teachers and students

As Exam Coordinator

  • Coordinates, compiles, and submits documentation regarding testing accommodations for students with documented learning differences to the College Board and toward standardized testing (SAT, ACT, and AP Exams)  

  • Administers extended time foroom exams, including AP exams and high school placement tests for incoming freshmen, etc.

  • Proctors exams as necessary i.e. semester finals in a closed testing environment ensuring the integrity of the test, and returning finished exams to the teachers in a timely fashion

  • Organizes PSAT and identified standard assessments (Support of AP coordination for example) for all students

  • Works with Data Analyst on interpreting data and understanding correlation between external testing and internal grades at Carondelet to identify trends and potential areas of focus 

  • Organizes and coordinates internal testing for students (extended testing, testing accommodations, make-up exams)

  • Creates a test-taking andoom environment that has integrity and is safe, orderly, positive, and enjoyable 

  • Schedule adjustments can be required to include some weekend work

Qualification Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Credential in special education or related diploma

  • Experience working with students needing differentiated approaches

Technical/Functional skills:

  • Effective interpersonal skills

  • Effective communicators both written and verbal

  • Ability to work as a member of a team

  • Proficient in digital platforms related to school life

  • Comfortable with technology and digital platforms to create, facilitate, analyze data, and communicate with an aim towards effectuating positive 

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