Job Summary:

The Athletic Trainer (temp) will be responsible for the administration and supervision of Carondelet’s interscholastic and club sports medicine program on a temporary basis while the Sports Medicine Coordinator is on maternity leave. Following this period, there will be opportunity to join the Athletic Staff as a part time athletic trainer. The Carondelet Sports Medicine program includes prevention, recognition, management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries that result from athletic activity and event coverage for all Carondelet High School athletics contests. The Athletic Trainer (temp) will be the primary administrator responsible for managing the Carondelet Strength and Conditioning while the Sports Medicine Coordinator is on leave. They are responsible for scheduling athletic training coverage for all interscholastic and club sports and overseeing the athletic registration and clearance procedures. They are also responsible for supervising and maintaining the athletic training rooms at the Carondelet Athletics Complex and the Winton Drive campus. The Sports Medicine Coordinator demonstrates a deep passion for athletics and for the growth and development of Carondelet athletes in all aspects of their educational lives and is experienced in people management and conflict resolution. The Athletic Trainer models humble leadership, embraces possibility and innovation, delivers great, and inspires joy and gratitude in students and colleagues.


Essential Responsibilities:

  • Foster a community spirit consistent with the Carondelet Mission and Core Values among coaches, athletes, and parents, assuring respect for the uniqueness of the individual athlete and development of the whole person by demanding good sportsmanship, positive coaching practices, effective communication with all constituents, and establishing and fostering good relationships with athletes, parents, faculty/staff, and coaches.   

  • Acts as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Carondelet Athletics Department, demonstrating an ability to perform the following functions regarding athletic injuries: prevention, assessment, treatment, (including first aid) and rehabilitation as set forth by the NATA Board of Certification.  

  • Maintains open communications with the Athletics Director, Associate Athletics Director, all athletes, coaches and parents/guardians, faculty and administration. 

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development through continuing education. 

  • Refers to licensed physicians and/or physical therapist when needed. 

  • Supervises the Carondelet Strength and Conditioning department including management of staff, development of programs, and use of the performance centers.  

  • Determines whether environmental conditions are safe for athletic activity and communicates a plan of action to the Athletics Director, Assistant Athletics Director, coaches and administrators. 

Administrative Responsibilities: 

  • Works collaboratively with the Kinesiology Department to coordinate shared facilities. 

  • Verifies that parents have signed the appropriate electronic forms in case of emergency situations. 

  • Ensures all physical forms, concussion forms, parent consent, etc. are current and up to date in accordance with CIF/NCS rules and bylaws.

  • Oversees the scheduling of home game coverage for all Carondelet athletics events at all levels of play. Provides home game coverage as needed. In the event that there is a home game conflict, coordinates home game coverage with a third-party agency. 

  • Provides practice coverage for all Carondelet varsity athletics teams or schedules alternative coverage as needed.

  • Oversees school-wide concussion protocol, including implementation of ImPACT baseline testing for ALL students. 

    • Coordinates and communicates via phone and email any student having a concussion with the Athletics Director, Associate Athletics Director, parents, administrators, counselors, teachers and coaches immediately.  

    • Assures Carondelet High School Concussion Policy is being followed with the Return to Learn and Return to Play protocols outlined in the school concussion policy. 

  • Supervises the locker room facility while on the Carondelet High School campus. 

  • Collects and files immunization forms for new students.

  • Coordinates the secondary insurance for students who have been injured through a Carondelet activity in conjunction with the Attendance Officer.

  • In coordination with the Athletics Director and Associate Athletics Director, ensure that all Carondelet High School coaches are CPR, First Aid, AED and Concussion certified and coordinate all opportunities for coaches to complete this training.

  • Coordinates with Muir Orthopedic staff member or outside certified athletic trainer for coverage of Carondelet Athletics competitions and practices.  

  • Oversees and executes athletics registration for each season of sport, which includes medically clearing each athlete and processing registration paperwork. Also collects and files physical examination forms signed by physicians due at the beginning of each school year through the Home Campus software system.

  • Demonstrates proper taping, strapping, bracing, and fitting of athletic equipment.

  • Carries out all prescribed treatments and recommendations by the team/program/event physician.

  • Maintains NATA and CPR certifications, including CPR teacher training certification, in accordance with those respective institutions.

  • Assesses data reflective of athletes’ status and interpret the appropriate information. 

  • Maintains and oversees all athletic training documentation in concise and legible manner, while compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

  • Maintains injury data information in proper order and submits school insurance forms in a timely manner. Prepares annual data reports in order to review and modify existing practices as needed.

  • Maintains the training rooms at the Winton Drive campus and the Carondelet Athletics Complex. 

  • Maintains and orders supplies as necessary as well as keeping track of equipment logs. Oversees the ordering and tracking of all Gatorade products for the Carondelet Athletic Complex vending machine. 

  • Maintains and provides first aid kits given to teams during each season and ensures coaches have with them at all practices and games.

  • Assists with other administrative tasks as needed (e.g., travel planning, uniform collection/distribution, business logistics, etc.).

  • Attends all Carondelet High School “Open House”, events, and pre-season introduction meetings in order to become recognized by parents, coaches and athletes. 

 To Whom Responsible:  Athletic Director

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