Carondelet High School (About us) is looking for a Wellness Counselor effective immediately.  The Wellness Counselor at Carondelet High School works in a team of two other counselors under the supervision of the VP for Student life and mission. The Wellness Counselors collaborate to provide short-term intervention to students for social, emotional, or crisis events that may impact their behavior or physical and mental well-being.  This is done in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive environment.  


Essential Responsibilities

  • Keeping in mind the mission of Carondelet High School, the Wellness Counselor assists the student, guiding her in her spiritual, intellectual, psychological, and social choices.

  • Develops and strengthens long-term relationships with students by working cooperatively to resolve current concerns by recommending supportive strategies and providing ongoing guidance

  • Implements a student-centered and social-emotional approach with the Carondelet missions and core values that encourages people to appreciate their individuality and identify new ways to develop their potential

  • Lives the mission of the school, in the CSJ tradition, through a thorough knowledge and understanding of the mission, vision, and values of Carondelet High School.

  • Creates an environment where a growth mindset is a prominent presence in all aspects of school.

  • Engages enthusiastically with and responds positively to the needs of students, faculty, families, staff, alumni, and the public outside the school in order to help maintain a positive and vibrant school community.

  • Is a life-long learner who takes advantage of professional growth opportunities related to their job and education in general.

  • Is an equity-focused, inclusive [faculty or staff] member with the ability to support an environment where a growth mindset is a prominent presence in all aspects of school life

  • Embraces the school’s culture of philanthropy.

  • Maintains strict confidentiality in all matters regarding student health.

  • Recognizes the importance of timely and effective responses to communication.

  • Fully assumes leadership responsibility for areas assigned.

  • Other duties may be assigned as needed.


Administrative Responsibilities

  • Students may meet with the Wellness Counselor to discuss a variety of complex issues such as but not limited to trauma, stress, depression, grief, divorce, self-esteem, eating disorders, suicide, family life, substance issues, anxiety, or other identified mental health issues. 

  • Provides direct services through individual student counseling sessions and support groups.  

  • Assesses and provides support for students and their families when facing difficult, complex, or traumatic/crisis situations, including assessment of student behavior and counseling needs and providing referrals to outside medical, psychological, or emergency hospital care.

  • Supports parents through referral and educational materials.

  • Assists or provides intervention to students with substance abuse issues, eating disorders, mental health issues, or other interventions as dictated by the situation.

  • Coordinates with outside counselors, physicians, and families to provide support to the student during the school year.

  • Manages the exit and re-entry of students with student support team members.

  • Forms strategic alliances with relevant outside agencies.

  • Establishes effective communication with appropriate DLS personnel

  • Develops counseling programs that focus on personal and social development as well as academic success

  • Educates students in various strategies, activities, and making choices that enable students to maintain positive mental and emotional health and to teach behaviors that can encourage wellness and healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Assists in the facilitation of regular peer support groups.

  • Keeps records of CPS and other referral visits as reported to or by Wellness.

  • Works with the Director of Academic Learning and Learning Support and Case Managers to provide team assessment and referral.

  • Collaborates with the wellness counseling team on R.I.S.E. week, Green-Dot, Bring Change to Mind, and other wellness programming. 

  • Maintains daily records regarding wellness counseling, meetings, and interventions.

  • Logs all relevant student information in Powerschool and other School Platforms as needed


  • A Masters’ degree in Counseling, Social Work, or Psychology is required.

  • Experience in counseling at the high school level and/or personal counseling.

  • Preference for a candidate with a strong understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion best practice.  

Technical/Functional skills:

  • Effective interpersonal skills

  • Effective communicators both written and verbal

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Ability to work as a member of a team

  • Proficient in digital platforms related to school life

  • Comfortable with technology and digital platforms to create, facilitate, analyze data, and communicate with an aim towards effectuating positive professional and organizational change