Sales Manager (Waste)Water


Moleaer TM develops industrial scale nanobubble generators to enhance a wide range of processes. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of nanobubbles to enhance and protect our water, food, and natural resources. Nanobubbles are extremely small gas bubbles that have several unique physical properties. These properties make nanobubbles a superior aeration and water chemistry method for a number of applications and processes enabling a radical change in the economics and environmental footprint of Water and Wastewater Treatment, Aquaculture, Horticulture, Oil recovery and other industries.

Nanobubbles are neutrally buoyant, produce oxidants, are electrochemically active, and reduce surface tension. These characteristics enable nanobubbles to replace inefficient, energy intensive gas transfer equipment and harmful chemical oxidants and surfactants with a single, energy-efficient, chemical-free solution.  The Company has 7 patents and patent applications and aims to broaden its patent portfolio around the use of nanobubbles across a range of physical, chemical and biological processes.

We are looking for a focused, enthusiastic and driven Technical Sales Manager Water in Europe to expand our footprint into Water & Wastewater Treatment. The candidate will drive Sales and develop relationships with individuals and public and private entities that are engaged in the Industrial & Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment industries and other target industries the Company has identified with focus on Europe. He can identify and consult on the applications of use for Moleaer’s nanobubble technology within existing or new built water treatment facilities. He will support customers, distributors and independent contractors with sales materials and educate them on the proper use of Company’s products. Areas of interest are aeration, gas transfer, water quality, water chemistry, floatation and other treatment processes of water for industrial and municipal treatment facilities. The ideal candidate likes to be traveling and to pro-actively develop and maintain relationships and markets and is results driven. The job will provide a high level of freedom, responsibility and ability to grow on a (inter)personal level.


Essential Functions

·         Extend the company’s customer base in Water & Wastewater Treatment with focus on Europe

·         Drive Moleaer’s technology sales through end users and partners focused on achieving and accelerating the companies goals of revenue and margins

·         Analyze facilities and write commercial proposals based on extensive understanding of water quality parameters and water treatment processes

·         Build and maintain a valued partner network

·         Develop materials / programs / tools to train salespeople and partners on advantages of Moleaers’ products

·         Determine technical benefits and define technical value proposition of Nanobubbles and/or Moleaer's products in Water & Wastewater Treatment

·         Identify new applications and market opportunities for Moleaer and its Nanobubble Generators and develop new product/market concepts

·         Provide appropriate direction to Product Development and Marketing to improve and drive Moleaer’s Product to Market fit in Water & Wastewater Treatment based on market feedback and insights

·         Travel 30%+ of the time



Education / Training / Experience

·         Bachelor or Master degree in Environmental, Engineering, Water Management or similar

·         Five (5) years of sales experience working in Water/Wastewater Treatment with focus on consultative selling of technical equipment

·         Proven track record of being a self-starter, pro-actively building and expanding sales

·         Proven network in the water treatment industry (end-users and partners) in European (Waste)Water Treatment Industry

·         Superior writing and spoken communication skills (English and other European language(s))



·         Experience with oxygen transfer, hydraulics, water treatment, aeration, oxidation or similar fields

·         Experience with operational parameters of WWTF’s understanding water quality and water chemistry parameters

·         Direct experience working for an equipment manufacturing company

·         Work experience involving travel, communication with other company departments, and direct customer communications in an international environment

·         Living in Europe


What we offer


·         A very energetic job in a fast growing, innovative and award winning international company

·         A team of highly educated and skilled colleagues and an informal work atmosphere

·         Good primary and secondary conditions

·         Freedom and flexibility in working hours and working from home/office.

·         Full time

·         Place of employment is Europe




Please send you resume and motivation letter to For additional information with regards to this job application you can also contact Michiel de Jong, Business Development Director Europe +31646711751


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