Title: Maintenance Technician

Employer: Cosanti Foundation

Reports to:  Maintenance Manager

Location: Arcosanti, 13555 S Cross L Rd, Mayer, AZ 86333

Founded in 1965, The Cosanti Foundation (TCF), an Arizona-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, owns and operates two world-famous, open-to-the-public locations, Cosanti in Paradise Valley and Arcosanti near Mayer, as well as a wholly owned subsidiary, Cosanti Originals, which also operates at both locations. The Cosanti Foundation's mission is "to inspire a reimagined urbanism that builds resilient and equitable communities sustainably integrated with the natural world."


Under general supervision, performs a variety of general maintenance duties which include electrical, mechanical, carpentry, and construction in the maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment. 

This is a full-time, hourly, non-exempt position with benefits (which includes generous vacation, sick pay, and medical insurance). Arcosanti is a live/work community and housing on site is available, with a $300/month co-use fee to each resident. Theng wage is $15/hour. 


  • Perform routine maintenance around the buildings such as fixing structural damage, for example, window, door or wall repair.

  • Repair broken or leaking plumbing to avoid water damage and restore full use of water fixtures.

  • Work on damaged electrical wiring when a shortage or severed wire occurs.

  • Maintain the building HVAC equipment in order to keep climate control in the buildings functioning properly.

  • Apply preventative measures to the buildings to reduce the risk of future problems, such as using a sealant on a flat roof.

  • Fix potential safety hazards to avoid injuries.

  • Paint the interior of buildings when old paint has become faded or chipped.

  • Install equipment and appliances.

  • Comply with all company safety regulations.

  • Update the online maintenance log.

  • Report any issues to the Maintenance Manager.

  • Respond to repair and maintenance requests in a timely fashion.

  • Load and unload equipment and tools into work vehicles if needed.

  • Follow written and verbal instructions from the Maintenance Manager.

  • Collaborate with the maintenance team and contractors as needed.

  • Read and follow manuals, blueprints, and other written instructions.

  • Use equipment, including power tools, hand tools, electric tools, and plumbing tools.


  • Plumbing knowledge to address leaks, clogs or other drainage problems.

  • Electrical wiring capabilities to manage problems with the buildings’ electricity.

  • Carpentry ability to handle basic repairs around the buildings.

  • Attention to detail to ensure that all jobs are completed in an exemplary manner and any potential hazards or warning signs of problems are not overlooked.

  • Must be dependable, honest, and have a positive attitude with customers.

  • Must be able to work amicably amongst and often in coordination with a diverse group of fellow artisans and staff.

  • Good communicator and ability to problem solve.

  • Excellent follow-through, time management, and attention to detail.

  • Must be able to follow any/all safety directives diligently.


  • Must be physically able to lift heavy loads (50+ lbs.) and work in an outdoor environment.

  • Due to the unique nature of the Arcosanti built environment, must have the ability to ascend/descend stairs and move safely over uneven terrain. 

The Cosanti Foundation is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Thus, we are equally committed to reasonable accommodations should any physical requirements pose a concern. Please let us know if you should require a reasonable accommodation to perform the duties and responsibilities described herein.


Cosanti Originals is an equal opportunity employer without regard to race, color, citizenship, religion, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, disability, veteran, current or future military status, sexual orientation, marital status, AIDS, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.

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