COSANTI ORIGINALS, a subsidiary business of The Cosanti Foundation, is a legacy Arizona business with deep roots and traditions.  Using techniques old and new, Cosanti Originals artisans create unique handcrafted goods, the sale of which goes to support the work of The Cosanti Foundation. 


The artisans of the Cosanti Originals foundry are responsible for the creation of the iconic Cosanti Originals Wind Bells and associated bronze merchandise. This is largely achieved through the process of casting molten bronze into sand molds, which are crafted by the artisans each day. The resulting bronze pieces are refined, assembled and receive a surface treatment to yield the finished product. Each step of production is accomplished by collaboration with one or more of the artisans in the foundry.


Applicants will be expected to attend work reliably and punctually, working amongst a diverse group of fellow artisans. Foundry work is physically demanding, and applicants should expect strenuous tasks like shoveling sand and regularly lifting heavy molds and equipment. The foundry environment is potentially a hazardous one, and applicants will be expected to be consistently attentive to any safety directives provided. Many tasks will require regular teamwork with other staff members. Although the architecture of our facilities famously uses passive solar techniques for regulating temperature, it is an outdoor environment and applicants can expect a workplace that varies in temperature much like the Arizona desert (warm in the summer and cool in the winter).


Essential Knowledge, Experience, and Abilities:


       Must be reliable and able to work the scheduled shifts, (this is a full-time 40-hour/week position.) Summer work hours (March-October): 6:30am – 2:30pm; Winter work hours (November – February): 7:30am – 3:30pm.

       Must be able to work amicably amongst and often in coordination with a diverse group of fellow artisans.

       Must be able to diligently follow any/all safety directives provided.

       Must be able to lift heavy loads (50+ lbs.).

       Knowledge and experience of production process are beneficial, but not required.

       Previous artistic experience is beneficial, but not required (applicants are encouraged to supply a portfolio of their work if they have one).





       A comprehensive insurance package including Medical, Dental, Vision, and more

       Accrued paid Vacation time and Sick time

       Employee discounts


To apply, email Please specify Cosanti Originals Foundry in your email. 


Cosanti Originals is an equal opportunity employer.

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