We are seeking a talented AI and data scientist to join our AI & Image Data Analytics Team. Your responsibilities will include development of novel medical device artificial intelligence algorithm solutions to aid clinicians in their review of cancerous tissue using optical coherence tomography (OCT). You will help to develop and execute on the technical strategy to advance the company’s AI products. This will include identifying novel approaches to leveraging the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze medical images of various excised tissue types, to accelerate and enhance clinician identification of clinically relevant regions of interest. You will help to execute on the plan for user requirements generation, technical approach, clinical data needs, data analysis pipeline, tool validation, and eventual verification and validation approach for new algorithm products.



       Contribute to data collection via academic collaborations, data curation, data augmentation and labeling efforts.

       Explore novel reconstruction and AI approaches to improve image quality, artifact reduction, and improved usability

       Explore different network architectures and novel approaches to training and network optimization

       Contribute to new clinical indications related technology development.

       Investigate issues from the field and perform failure mode analysis related to AI and data management 

       Contribute to evidence generation and scientific publication.

       Response to technical questions related to AI and data analytics from regulatory bodies for product clearance

       Design reviews, technical white papers, and invention disclosures

       Product design and development efforts in collaboration with engineering

       Verification and validation efforts of AI models



       Master of Science degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Applied Statistics (i.e., Machine Learning or Data Science) or equivalent Bachelor of Science degree with industry experience in Data Science, Software Engineering, Medical Imaging, or Big Data

       Understanding of Math and Computer Science fundamentals related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning required

       Strong expertise in the following is desired in order of priority:

o   Python

o   PyTorch

o   TensorFlow

o   R

o   SQL

       Working knowledge of Linux operating systems and object-oriented programming and C++ language is preferred.

       Familiarity with standard computer vision, medical image processing and/or machine/deep learning packages. Background in signal and image processing, computer vision applications is a plus.

       Outstanding analytical skills.

       Desire to learn new skills and passion for solving challenging problems.

       Team player with strong interpersonal skills

       Other tasks as needed

       Remote Position 

Desired Experience Skillsets

       Machine Learning from beginning to end, collecting training data, curation, labeling to data augmentation, model development, deployment, and optimization.  

       Python and Bash scripting

       Machine Learning and/or Medical Imaging field.

       Computer vision, image processing and reconstruction

       Using version control tools like GIT.

       Medical Device Software lifecycle management

       Extract, Transform and Load of Big Data in enterprise environments or cloud infrastructure as well as familiarity of data architecture requirements and approaches for deploying algorithmic solutions involving Big Data. 


About Perimeter Medical

Founded in 2013, Perimeter Medical is a Toronto-based medical device company with U.S. Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Perimeter Medical is developing advanced imaging tools that allow surgeons, pathologists, and radiologists to visualize subsurface microscopic tissue structures during a clinical procedure, as well as using advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning image assessment tools that are intended to increase the efficiency of image review. We are passionate about working with end users to develop imaging tools which are easy to use and meet real clinical needs.

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