Team Leader Job Description


Key Role: Work diligently to ensure the youth under your direct care are making progress as we seek to move towards the vision and mission of Urban Youth Impact.


Key Responsibilities: The factors that define and truly differentiate this position from all other positions; what absolute, unique things this position should fulfill that no other does

Oversight of their classroom/students:

       Lead a variety of activities including literacy help, arts and crafts, recreation time, team building games, educational games, computer time, free time activities, life skills lessons, etc.

       Develop and execute Orton Gillingham rubric lessons plans daily

       Create and implement age appropriate centers inside the classroom

       Analyze literacy data and use it to drive lesson planning and center creation

       Ensure the safety of their students

       Properly utilize the TLA handbook and discipline policies

       Ensure volunteers in their care are utilized properly

       Ensure reading curriculum is completed on time

       Assist students with academics homework

       Maintain contact with families regarding student’s needs and progress

       Ensure classroom is kept orderly and clean on a daily basis

       Maintain attendance and performance records; submit data on Salesforce on time daily

       Attend program related meetings/conferences/workshops

       Assist with administrative tasks as needed

       Assist with transportation as a driver or rider

Key Goals: How will you know this position has been successful?

       Youth showing improvements in literacy (via reading program)

       Youth showing improvements in grades

       Youth showing improvements in behavior

       Administrative reports submitted on time

       Youth showing spiritual progress

       Mentors attained for children in class

Key Traits: What specific behaviors, beyond organizational core values, should a person in this position possess in order to achieve success?

       Be well-organized with important information

       Be conscious of deadlines and on time to work and meetings

       Exhibit an attitude of serving others

       Be creative with time and resource constraints

       Be positive/optimistic in the midst of day-to-day struggles

       Be forward thinking with activities

       Be advocate minded for children in their class


       Must have or attain 40 hour -DCF Certificate within 90 days of employment

$14.00 per hour - $16.00 after completion of required DCF classes and exam

Level 2 Background Check is required and paid by employer

Qualifications: 2 year degree or equivalent experience with youth, must

have a 40-hr certificate within 90 days of employment; reports to TLA 

Program Manager; 40 hours weekly; FLSA exempt; Applicant needs to 

understand that Urban Youth Impact is a faith-based organization.