Reframe Department Overview

Reframe is designed to empower students in grades 9th through their first year of college with the opportunity to acquire the life and job skills that are necessary for career success. Also, Reframe assists students in post-secondary planning and provides them with job and internship opportunities. 

Reframe is more than a job skills and placement program; it focuses on building character and competency for young adults to accomplish their career and life goals. Reframe recognizes how crucial it is to work with young adults in a more holistic approach. With this in mind, each student builds relationships with coaches and participates in interactive learning environments to gain core values critical to their success.

Reframe Manager Job Description

Key Role:  Ensure that Reframe builds relationships and achieves results in terms of life skills and job skills.

Key Responsibilities:  The factors that define and truly differentiate this position from all other positions; what absolute, unique things this position should fulfill that no other does

  • Oversee the entirety of Reframe Programs and operations
  • Process and maintain Reframe applicants for acceptance and wait list
  • Collect and maintain all program data and numbers
  • Manage student timesheets and payroll services
  • Collaborate effectively with partners and volunteers while maintaining UYI's unique identity and keeping the vision and goals of Reframe in clear focus
  • Follow up on the tracking of goals for each youth
  • Provide one-on-one coaching to Reframe students
  • Keep all program expenses within budget
  • Supervise all offsite activities and workshops

Key Goals How will you know this position has been successful?

  • Reframe goals are being met
  • Growing interest in Reframe within the community
  • Program expenses are kept within budget

Key Traits:  What specific behaviors should a person in this position have in order to achieve success?

  • Be engaging with older youth, most importantly working well in a one-on-one setting
  • Be very creative in program design
  • Be ambitious with new ideas, not afraid of failure
  • Be inclusive to allow for collaboration with partners
  • Have the ability to be firm in areas that UYI does not waiver

Qualifications: 4 year degree or equivalent experience; experience working with older youth; reports to Director of Reframe; 40 hours weekly; FLSA exempt; the applicant needs to understand that Urban Youth Impact is primarily a faith-based organization.

Level 2 Background Check required - paid by UYI

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